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“For over two years now, I have been ‘chasing’ image thieves and have made some – not entirely positive – experience with attorneys. Image theft for most established attorneys is a “nice sideline“ which they let the photographer feel, too. Additionally, I’m carrying the financial burden of advance payment and legal fees of non-solved cases, as well as having to put up with insults and threats from the opponents’ sides…

Back in 2010, I still had good monthly revenue from photo agencies, whereas now there are less usages cleared in a year than there were per month in 2010, all this despite a growing portfolio. Also, the use of my images on the internet is enormous, but payment for those usages equals 0. The sad record of my images holds a picture of a panettone, published more than 400 times with only five uses licensed through a picture agency.

So when PhotoClaim started to help us photographers taking over those cases of copyright infringements, I tried with two cases that were solved successfully right away. What’s also really nice for me as photographer, is that I don’t have to bother with any of this myself. I hand in lists of my stolen images to PhotoClaim and they take care of everything else. Moreover, it’s nice not being insulted and threatened personally by the opponent any longer. Image theft for many still resembles a trivial offense that will be laughed at but surely will never be paid for.
Nowadays, I have more than 100 cases at PhotoClaim which are professionally being solved.

I highly recommend PhotoClaim to any photographer. Give image thieves NO CHANCE!”

Karl Stanzel, photographer (Italy/Brazil),
“With popularity of photographs often comes people and companies ‘stealing’ your images by using them without consulting you. It happened (and still happens) a lot to me. It takes a great amount of time and effort to deal with all of these cases and I am very happy to have PhotoClaim do this for me.

They not only solve all the cases for me, but they also send me reports with all unauthorised use of my images that they found themselves. They make me feel ‘safe’ when posting images online even without a watermark. They are always very responsive and already solved numerous cases for me. I am very satisfied with their service and would recommend them to everyone who is serious about the rights of their photos.”

Albert Dros, photographer (Netherlands),
“About a year ago, I noticed that many of my images published online were used commercially by companies without my knowledge and permission. PhotoClaim enables me to take action against those infringements and thus secures my base of existence as a freelance photographer. The collaboration is smooth, reliable, uncomplicated and fast. Photographers, who want to tackle the problem of image theft on the internet, are certainly in the right place at PhotoClaim.”

Marius Klemm, photographer (Berlin, Germany),
“PhotoClaim has been of great help to me fighting against image thefts. Their good work has allowed me to concentrate more on the actual photography. It’s very likely that I wouldn’t even be able to take care of the illegal uses of my images without them. PhotoClaim has been doing a really professional work with me and they have always been prompt and helpful with their customer service. Great to see that photographers are not alone with image thefts!”
Joni, photographer (Finland),
“PhotoClaim is instrumental in helping me run my business and ensures that my rights as a content creator are enforced. They are easy to work with.

Using PhotoClaim allows me to focus on my work and my clients instead of spending time researching and pursuing copyright issues. They are a very valuable partner.”

Sandy Gennrich, photographer (USA),


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