After the last month billing PhotoClaim has reported 2.036.846,90€ regained for photographers from image thieves.

However, the founder of the company Nico Trinkhaus says, this is just a small fraction of the money which was stolen from photographers. There are still millions to be reimbursed for PhotoClaim’s clients.

Nico Trinkhaus during photo-shooting

Together with its attorneys, PhotoClaim has started already 17475 cases of commercial illegal uses of photos and this is just the beginning. According to PhotoClaim’s system data, there are hundreds of thousands of findings still to be processed and the number of copyright infringements is constantly growing. More and more companies decide to rather steal photographs instead of purchasing licenses in the first place.


Nico Trinkhaus – founder of PhotoClaim

As Nico Trinkhaus says, unfortunately, such situation leads to the disruption of the photography industry. The common conception of companies that they can get away with not paying for visual material for their website and online marketing actions causes

In his speech “How they stole 1 000 000 Euros from me”, Nico Trinkhaus explains that photographers should feel confident about the value of their own photos and ask for damages reimbursement – if they were stolen that means someone considered them worthy!


Annika Kreusch
PhotoClaim’s Legal Executive

Nevertheless, it is sometimes impossible for single photographers to fight in courts in numerous foreign countries. This is also a common argument of opponents. Annika Kreusch reports – “they often argue that we cannot get them in Italy/Spain/Poland/USA or wherever else is the seat of the infringer. But this argument was the reason why PhotoClaim was established. Having support from photographers, we were able to negotiate good conditions with lawyers and test multiple European procedures against image theft. It’s why we know how important it is that photographers bond and how important it is to make them aware that they should not be afraid to fight for their rights.”

About PhotoClaim

PhotoClaim is a company which helps photographers to find and fights image thefts internationally so that they can rest assured everyone pays for using their photos.  The company is based in Germany (Berlin) and Poland (Wrocław) and was founded by Nico Trinkhaus in 2015. The idea was to help professional photographers or those who plan to have a photography business to be reimbursed for copyright infringements without investing too much time or energy in chasing thieves.

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