Publicity is important. We do not question that. Just be aware of what you agree for. Global photo-sharing platforms may help you get recognition with your work. Just make sure the price for it is not too high. Before you agree for sharing your copyrighted images make sure upon what conditions. Pictures copyright is a precious but unfortunately often violated right. 

Publicity is important. We do not question that. Global photo-sharing platforms may help you get recognition with your work. Just make sure the price for it is not too high. 

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For us, taking care of photographers’ rights means monitoring the internet for stolen photos online, chasing image thieves but also keeping a close eye on what is going on in the industry and informing our clients about it.


We all tend to skip emails with updates, as we receive plenty and often think they are not applicable. If you have your pictures published on 500px, you’d better continue reading. Be aware of what you agree for. Recently 500px made changes to their Terms & Conditions which created a big upheaval among photographers.  Some spread their dissatisfaction and comments about the recent changes via social media. Others deleted their accounts. 500px has been slowly losing photographers’ trust by killing the Creative Commons licensing, not being explicit about reducing free account uploads and a data breach. The recent update caused a lot of controversies but, in fact, it did not bring a big change to what the photographers already agreed for when signing up. The Terms & Conditions were only reworded a bit. One thing that really changed was the merge of two agreements (Terms of Service and Contributor Agreement) into one.  As for other terms concerning your rights, it seems they all have been there before.

be aware of what you agree for



However, if you did not pay attention to what you signed before, take a closer look at the paragraphs below:

1) By submitting Visual Content to 500px Licensing, you grant to 500px a non-exclusive or exclusive, transferable, fully paid, worldwide license to use, sublicense, distribute, reproduce, modify, adapt, publicly perform and publicly display such Visual Content in connection with the Services. This license will exist for the period during which the Visual Content is posted on the Site and will automatically terminate upon the removal of the Visual Content from the Site, subject to the terms of any license granted by 500px or through our authorized distributors and these Terms.

3) When you submit to 500px Licensing, you waive any moral rights (and any similar rights) with respect to the Visual Content to the extent permitted by law, and if no waiver is permitted, you agree not to enforce the right against 500px or our distributors or clients;

4) 500px and our distributors have the right to modify, alter and amend photo titles, descriptions, tags, metadata and other accompanying information for any Visual Content submitted to 500px Licensing and the right to submit this Visual Content to other parties and authorized agents for the purpose of creating tags for Visual Content;

Be Aware of What You Agree For

If the above seems new to you, make sure you know what they require and decide whether you agree to it or not. Be aware of what you agree for. To make sure you are up-to-date with the news from the photography industry, check our NEWS section regularly. We will keep you posted!

be aware of what you agree for


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