About the Photoclaim team

We are law graduates, lawyers, photographers, business minds and artistic minds. What connects us? Every day, each of us strives to transform into reality the idea of photography being respected and fairly paid.

Meet our team members:

Nico Trinkhaus
Nico Trinkhaus nico@photoclaim.com
Founder of Photoclaim, professional photographer and International Business graduate. At Photoclaim he is our “entrepreneur” and “Bob the Brand Builder”. He also listens carefully to the ideas of fellow photographers and brings them to Photoclaim.
Daria Trinkhaus
Daria Trinkhaus daria.trinkhaus@photoclaim.com
Co-founder of Photoclaim, philology graduate, online marketing specialist. At Photoclaim previously responsible for setting operations and growing the team. Currently building the presence of Photoclaim in online media.
Izabela Janusz
Izabela Janusz izabela.janusz@photoclaim.com
Photoclaim’s proxy, European Business graduate. At Photoclaim, she’s a Case Manager, a teacher for new Case Managers and an HR Specialist.
Annika Kreusch
Annika Kreusch annika.kreusch@photoclaim.com
At Photoclaim responsible for growing the network of attorneys and managing cases in German and international courts. Also, our “efficiency guardian” – she takes care that things in the company run quickly and smoothly.
Krystsina Kostseva
Krystsina Kostseva krystsina.kostseva@photoclaim.com
Case Manager, Case Manager’s teacher. Cultural Science graduate. Our „Sherlock Holmes” for finding data of photo thefts.
Anna Łaga
Anna Łaga anna.laga@photoclaim.com
Case Manager, Case Manager’s teacher. Business graduate. At Photoclaim she is also our “Settlement Master” – she finds ways how to settle cases successfully for photographers as efficient as possible.
Jakub Lewicki
Jakub Lewicki jakub.lewicki@photoclaim.com
Case Manager. Law graduate. Also, our “legal guardian angel” – he takes care that everything that we do is aligned with the local and international law. In spare time involved in social media activities.
Monika Deimling
Monika Deimling monika.deimling@photoclaim.com
Professional photographer and Photography graduate. At Photoclaim she monitors portfolios of our clients and finds copyright infringements. She’s also developing a community among photographers who work with Photoclaim.
Kinga Kijak-Markiewicz
Kinga Kijak-Markiewicz kinga.kijak-markiewicz@photoclaim.com
Case Manager. Law graduate, post-graduate in copyright law and a lawyer. She shares her legal knowledge through our knowledge base section on the website. Also, she takes care that no cases are lost and all are processed on time.
Demetriusz Wenglarczyk
Demetriusz Wenglarczyk demetriusz.wenglarczyk@photoclaim.com
Case Manager. A law graduate with a master’s thesis about copyright of tattoos. He shares his legal knowledge in the knowledge base section and on our blog. He also takes care of social media development.
Dorota Sikora
Dorota Sikora dorota.sikora@photoclaim.com
Case Manager. Tourism graduate. At Photoclaim she organizes team meetings. Also, Dorota takes care that new team members are well settled and feel comfortable in the company.
Magdalena Barocha
Magdalena Barocha magdalena.barocha@photoclaim.com
Case Manager. Physiotherapy graduate and Education and Pedagogy post-graduate. She is our “soul” when in comes to client service and a source of great ideas on how to increase customer satisfaction.
Dominika Czyż
Dominika Czyżdominika.czyz@photoclaim.com
Photoclaim’s business analyst and developer. Dominika seeks opportunities for business improvements and extensions so that we can help photographers in many ways in the area of copyright and in the future in business development. She currently writes her Ph.D. in Economic science.
Patryk Grabowski
Patryk Grabowski patryk.grabowski@photoclaim.com
Case Manager. An arts&culture aficionado with degrees in Film Studies, Far East culture and Culture and Media Management.
Ewa Kaźmierczyk
Ewa Kaźmierczyk ewa.kazmierczyk@photoclaim.com
Case Researcher – she monitors portfolios of our clients to find potential copyright infringements. A PhD. student in history and a fan of Belgian culture.
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