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About the PhotoClaim TEAM

We are law graduates, lawyers, photographers, business minds and artistic minds.

What connects us?

Every day, each of us strives to transform into reality the idea of photography being respected and fairly paid.

Nico Trinkhaus
Nico Trinkhaus nico@photoclaim.com
Founder of Photoclaim, professional photographer and International Business graduate. At Photoclaim he is our “entrepreneur” and “Bob the Brand Builder”. He also listens carefully to the ideas of fellow photographers and brings them to Photoclaim.
Daria Trinkhaus
Daria Trinkhaus daria.trinkhaus@photoclaim.com
Founder of Photoclaim, Managing Director, online marketing specialist. Executive MBA student. At Photoclaim previously responsible for setting operations and growing the team. Currently building the presence of Photoclaim in online media.
Izabela Janusz
Izabela Janusz izabela.janusz@photoclaim.com
European Business graduate. At Photoclaim she is responsible for the on-boarding process of new clients and all Client Service’ related matters. Also Administrative and HR Specialist. In love with her dog Bela who refused to be photographed with her here.
Annika Kreusch
Annika Kreusch annika.kreusch@photoclaim.com
At Photoclaim responsible for growing the network of attorneys and managing cases in German and international courts. Also, our “efficiency guardian” – she takes care that things in the company run quickly and smoothly.
Krystsina Kostseva
Krystsina Kostseva krystsina.kostseva@photoclaim.com
At PhotoClaim she is a teacher of new Case Managers and a Case Manager herself. Krystsina is also responsible for the Onboarding of new clients.Cross-Cultural Communication Management and Contemporary Culture graduate.Currently conducts her PhD research in Popular Music Studies. She loves music from rock’n’roll to techno, contemporary visual arts, swimming and dancing in her free time. Born in Minsk, Belarus, lives in Warsaw, Poland.
Dominika Czyż
Dominika Czyżdominika.czyz@photoclaim.com
Photoclaim’s business analyst and developer. Dominika seeks opportunities for business improvements and extensions so that we can help photographers in many ways in the area of copyright and in the future in business development. She currently writes her Ph.D. in Economic science.
Patryk Grabowski
Patryk Grabowski patryk.grabowski@photoclaim.com
Graduate in Cultural Management and Far East Cultures. He is responsible for IT, Data Security, Automation of processes and overseeing the development of our App. Patryk also ensures that our content is written in proper English and works on the front lines as a Case Manager. Loves travelling, cinema, music and vegan food. In his free time, he practices the guitar and martial arts.
Anna Kaminska
Anna Kaminskaanna.kaminska@photoclaim.com
Case manager, graduated from tourism, almost graduated from sociology and anthropology. Animals, cinema, music, food, cultural differences and travels lover. Delighted by looking at her passions pictured and motivated to keep photographers busy by their work and their photographs safe.
Łukasz Juniak
Łukasz Juniak lukasz.juniak@photoclaim.com
Case Manager and Legal Guardian Angel. Law graduate. He takes care of legal aspects connected with PhotoClaim. He is also a massive fan of American culture and sport. Father.
Anna Prędka
Anna Prędka anna.predka@photoclaim.com
Marketing & PR Specialist, Content Creator. Business and Journalism & Social Communication graduate. If you read or hear about us in media that means she had her finger in this pie! Want to spread a word about PhotoClaim? Get in touch with Ania, she makes sure PhotoClaim reaches photographers and photography enthusiasts who want to protect their copyrights. Interested in non-fiction and photojournalism, soup addict.
Marta Dryl
Marta Drylmarta.dryl.photoclaim@gmail.com
Case Manager. At Photoclaim she monitors portfolios of our clients and finds copyright infringements. Law Graduate. She enjoys trying out new things and travelling. She believes that through them, we get to experience and understand the culture, people and the world surrounding us a little bit better. Passionate about psychology and a huge fan of Italian culture.
Magdalena Barocha
Magdalena Barocha magdalena.barocha@photoclaim.com
Case Manager. Physiotherapy graduate and Education and Pedagogy post-graduate. She is our “soul” when in comes to client service and a source of great ideas on how to increase customer satisfaction.
Katarzyna Peukert
Katarzyna Peukert katarzyna.peukert@photoclaim.com
Case Manager. Sociology graduate, currently studies Photography at University in Opava, in Czech Republic. Enjoys exploring the wide art scene and travels. Her next dream destination is Japan. Photography and film lover. Especially interested in documentary photography and woman’s photography. Big fan of Nan Goldin work.
Gracjan Zajac
Gracjan Zajacgracjan.zajac@photoclaim.com
Case manager. Movie and television production graduate. Passionate about cinema, cooking and Italian lifestyle, so you can guess he’s also a pizza lover. He likes to read about the Wild West and cultural mix in the United States.
Monika Deimling
Monika Deimlingmonika.deimling@photoclaim.com
Professional photographer and Photography graduate. At Photoclaim she monitors portfolios of our clients and finds copyright infringements. She’s also developing a community among photographers who work with Photoclaim.
Adriana Nowak
Adriana Nowakadriana.nowak@photoclaim.com
Case Manager. Graduated in International Diplomacy. Constantly amazed by human creativity around the world. Enjoys cooperating with people with different backgrounds. Crazy about everything connected with Africa and yoga.
Agata Drzewińska
Agata Drzewińskaagata.drzewinska@photoclaim.com
Case Manager. Monitoring Clients’ Portfolios and finding copyright infringement. Law, Culture of Eastern Europe graduate. Almost graduated from Intellectual Property Law at Uppsala University, in Sweden. Passionate about cinema, history and English culture. Animal lover and nerd. Music, drawing and traveling fulfill her free time. If your wine or pizza is gone – that was her.
Agnieszka Porwol
Agnieszka Porwolagnieszka.porwol@photoclaim.com
Recently graduated with major in Finance and Administration. Part of the team of Case Managers. A dedicated mother of two. Loves travelling, diverse cultures and photography.
Marta Sikorska
Marta Sikorskamarta.sikorska@photoclaim.com
Law graduate. At Photoclaim she monitors portfolios of our clients and finds copyright infringements. Passionate about journeys focused on meeting people and cultures around the world. Many years ago she gave her heart and soul to a choir association which performs afro music and conducts activities aimed at intercultural dialogue, where she sings, dances and plays out the joy for doing things together.

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