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When we created PhotoClaim, we did so to help professional photographers and those who wanted to become professionals.

Even though there are other ways to track your images online, all solutions so far have come at a very high price: your time!


As photographers, we’re familiar with the problems in the industry, with the decreasing revenue shares from agencies and the increasing amount of hobby photographers that give their work away for free.

Everyone is talking about it, but the real problem is hardly understood: Companies stopped buying photos.

There is a big flaw in the system – at least in Europe. If you prove a company had stolen your photo, all you would get is (sometimes double) your usual licensing fee. As an economist, I’m aware that it’s a logical decision for companies to simply steal photos instead of buying them since they get away with it most of the time.

I decided to do something about it and started protecting my copyrights. I’ve built an international network of attorneys in order to protect my photographic career and I’m glad that I can now offer you help as well.

Let’s put an end to image theft.

Stop Image Theft - Get Paid