With photography, it was love at first sight for him. Born and raised in Italy, Alessio Andreani keeps on chasing the sunrises and sunsets in his motherland while we keep his copyrighted pictures protected. He tells us about his passion for teaching photography, reveals the technical secrets behind the dreamy colours in his pictures and shares some insights into the perception of image theft by other photographers. 

©Alessio Andreani

PhotoClaim: How old were you when you had the camera in your hands for the very first time?

Alessio Andreani: Probably quite old, however, it was 2008 when I started using it properly. I was 20 back then.

PC: Was it love at the first sight or… how did your relationship with a camera begin?

AA: Cameras are fascinating tools. I would say it was love at first sight.

PC: Just a hobby or a way of life? How and when did you realise that you want photography to become a part of your career?

RR: Photography was both: hobby and work to me. There was never a clear distinction. I worked as a professional photographer for a while, now I am focused on doing what I like the most: teaching photography.

PC: The first photo that you were truly satisfied with?

AA: It’s quite impossible for me to give an answer here. As soon as I take a picture I start thinking about the next one. I can’t say there is one that I was 100% satisfied with.

©Alessio Andreani

PC: Your first steps in the photography industry? Where did you start?

AA: I started ’big‘ in 2013, with a 3-week photography project held in different European locations (from Turkey to the United Kingdom). After that, I kept working as a photographer for about 3 years.

PC: When did you realise that you can make money on your pictures?

AA: I realized that I can earn money on my photos when magazines and other media started contacting me. In most cases they wanted to publish my photos online.

PC: When and how did you find out that your photos are getting stolen?

AA: Right after I realized I can make money on them. I started discovering them on various blogs and websites.

PC: How did your relationship with PhotoClaim begin?

AA: A friend of mine, also a photographer, recommended me your service. He was satisfied with successful cooperation, so I decided to apply and give it a try.

PC: How do you enjoy working with PhotoClaim? What has changed since you started the cooperation?

AA: A friend of mine, also a photographer, recommended me your service. He was satisfied with successful cooperation, so I decided to apply and give it a try.

©Alessio Andreani

PC: How aware of image theft are the photographers in your surroundings/community?

AA: I believe they do understand this is a big issue but most of them still think it is almost impossible to get compensated.

PC: What has been your most memorable moment, the real highlight, in your career so far?

AA: I have a strong, wonderful memory of when I’ve been chosen to show one of my pictures at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC.

PC: What is your drive for taking pictures? What do you enjoy shooting the most?

AA: Landscapes are what I truly like, I’m driven by the excitement of finding new compositions (even in quite popular locations) and all the connected activities of travelling and enjoying time in different places.

PC: What about editing? Do you spend much time on it before you have the final picture ready to publish? 

AA: I usually publish my photos a long time after I shoot them because I prefer to do editing in a long timeframe. Not because I spend a lot of time on editing, but because I do small changes over a long period.

©Alessio Andreani

PC:  A lot of your pictures have beautiful, dreamy colours. How did you develop such aesthetics? 

AA: First of all, I think that the shooting phase is crucial. The second helpful thing is the filters. I always use NiSi filters: polariser, ND filter and GND filters. This allows me to capture light best. Then I edit the pictures according to my personal taste.

PC: From your pictures, we can tell that you spend a lot of time near the sea. What do you like most about the marine environment? 

AA: I love the creatives possibilities given by the sea, cliffs, flowers and the beautiful coastal landscape.

PC: What’s next? 

AA: I am planning to visit some areas of Italy I have never been to. I feel really lucky to live here, in Italy, and have such a great and diverse landscape to photograph.

PC: Your call to action for the photographers who might not be aware that their photos are getting stolen?

AA: Being compensated is not that hard as you may think. Give PhotoClaim a try and get back what do you deserve!

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©Alessio Andreani

Find Alessio’s latest works and his fine art prints here

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