In case you are wondering what makes PhotoClaim stand out in the crowd of other, similar services that work with image copyright, we have a couple of solid arguments.


One of them is our case research. Why case research is a unique benefit we offer our clients? You will find the answer in the next paragraphs.

case research is a unique benefit


Why case research is a unique benefit? Because we save your time

Searching for stolen photos online is not necessarily one of the things you want to dedicate your time to as a photographer. We bet you would rather spend your time shooting and coming up with new ideas for photo projects. With PhotoClaim, you get back this amount of time you would need to spend on detailed research online. We simply do it for you. Every single day we monitor the vast ocean of the internet in search of stolen images. While doing it, we also constantly try to develop our research techniques so make our work more efficient.

We aim to minimize the amount of time our clients need to spend on our cooperation. We provide findings and all you have to do is to review them and decide if you want us to take further steps to get back the money you deserve from your photo rights.

case research is a unique benefit


We offer you a complex service

There is a group of our clients who used to work with different services. Since every single day we strive to improve our work, we asked them to compare our service with what they previously experienced with other companies. It turned out that our offer is more complex than what our competitors can provide. Some would call it premium. We indeed do our best to make sure we maximize the benefits we can provide and minimize the time and effort you need to invest in protecting your photo rights.

We open only promising cases

When it comes to image copyright violations research, our Case Researchers provide the highest quality of such service. They have a clear focus: it is quality, not quantity that matters. They do not open cases with photo copyright infringement that have either no or a very low chance of bringing profits. What they look for are strong cases of stolen photos. You may ask, what makes a case ‘strong’? Let us clarify. By ‘strong’, we mean cases with high potential for a quick settlement and, as a result, for the return of well-deserved money from your copyrights.

case research is a unique benefit


We share our professional experience and expertise

It should not come as a surprise that experience is what counts the most in a great majority of fields. Working in the sphere of image copyright protection brings various, sometimes surprising, situations. Cases differ and so does the opponents’ approach and reactions. These might be hard to predict but experience surely helps to prepare for the most difficult cases when image copyright gets violated.

With experience comes efficiency. The more cases we open, the faster we do it and the quicker we take the next steps. The more emails we exchange, the wittier our responses. The more money we regain from photo copyrights, the happier clients we will have. You can be among them!

case research is a unique benefit


We do our best to maximize your profit

We mentioned the experience and constant improvement of our efficiency in the field of photo rights protection. The better we get, the higher chance of big sums regained from infringed image copyright. We strongly believe in our mission and aim to maximize your profit. We trust real numbers; they speak for themselves.

As a company who fights with copyright infringement over the past 6 years, we opened over 60541 cases of infringements for our client photographers and managed to regain over 6 000 000 euro from infringements. We detected image theft in 58 countries all around the world. Our community is constantly growing. Currently, we work with over 250 photographers. It does not matter where you are located. A strong will to fight against image theft is enough to start chasing infringers and begin the process of getting back the money that you deserve from your copyrights.

And we are still talking only about case research.

Even though case research is a unique benefit we offer, there is yet a couple of aspects in which we significantly differ from our competitors. And our clients seem to value this approach.

case research is a unique benefit


We fight against harmful practices

Let’s start with something that you might have never heard about. Post-licensing, does it ring a bell? Let us explain quickly in case you come across this term for the very first time.

When image copyright gets infringed, there are different approaches on how to handle it. Some companies go ahead with post-licensing that unfortunately harms photography. When choosing post-licensing, there are no legal fees included. All that must be paid for the photo copyright infringement is the amount they would be asked to pay for the license. In such a case, why would anybody buy a license when they can skip it? The chance that such a practise will go unnoticed is still pretty high since not all photographers monitor what is going on with their portfolio. At PhotoClaim, we make sure the photographer reclaims proper compensation for their hard work.

copyright law


We stick to explicit communication

Our communication with clients is based on mutual trust. We provide them only with real numbers and statistics. We keep it clear and concise, making sure they stay updated with important information and changes. Case research is a unique benefit because it requires our Success Agent to keep you informed and stay in touch.

working together for photographers


We were created by a photographer for photographers 

When clients ask us how PhotoClaim was born, we do not have to come up with a catchy story. We have an authentic one. PhotoClaim was created by a photographer who discovered his copyrighted images being used without his permission. There are various ways and situations in which photographers realize someone is stealing their work. If it was not for a thunderstorm in Berlin, Nico Trinkhaus – a travel photographer and founder of PhotoClaim – might have never found out that his photo copyright is being abused. You can read how the story developed here.

professional photographer


We value the personal approach

At PhotoClaim, we do not want our clients to be left alone with systems and algorithms. Each of our Clients has their own Success Agent who takes care of getting back the money from the infringed photo copyright. He is there to answer all the questions and assist in case of doubts. A personal approach is something that most of our clients value really high when it comes to our cooperation. Our testimonials speak for themselves.

We get the work done for you

As soon as you sign up with us, you have the burden of worrying if your image copyright is being infringed or not taken off your shoulders. Once you submit your pictures and crucial data, we are all set to start regaining money from your copyrighted images. You will be also provided with some crucial information on how to copyright photos. We will tell you more about the ways how to protect your pictures. Education and spreading copyright law awareness is crucial in the digital era.

photographers support


Any more doubts if PhotoClaim is the service you really want to work with?

If no, go ahead and send us your application! If there is still something on your mind, send us an email at or check out how we work in detail.

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