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Ultimately we want to wake up in a world where are more people who buy rather than steal,

and where photographers can feel safe because their rights are protected.


Detected infringements
€ from infringements

Can you imagine a successful website, a marketing campaign or even a Facebook page without suitable, high-quality photos?


In the era of visuals, companies need visually appealing graphics to attract customers. Though it’s so important to have convincing visual content for business reasons, photographers are rarely paid for their work used online. Why? Because… it takes just a few clicks to get a photo “for free” or “find it on Google”, the chances of being caught on theft appear to be low.

When the founder of PhotoClaim, Nico Trinkhaus, discovered back in the day that his photos are used without permission and payment, there was no company which would offer full service of detecting and chasing image theft across the borders of Europe, or elsewhere. As Nico discovered soon, finding a lawyer in every European country, managing negotiations of financial conditions with law firms, and then actively managing cases in courts was highly time-consuming and demanded a good knowledge of the law in specific countries, as well as some EU directives. If a photographer had to chase the image thieves everywhere his photos are stolen, even with legal help, it would be a full-time job.

There was a need for someone who would stand in between photographers and lawyers and manage all possible cases across the borders while saving the photographers as much time and effort as possible. PhotoClaim FILLED THE NICHE.

We tested many international attorneys and law systems. We brought alternative European procedures which shortened time and costs of lawsuits. We won cases, but we also learned a lot about legal possibilities for photographers in many EU and non-EU countries. With this knowledge and constant improvement of case evaluation, we’re trying to keep photographers as safe as possible, while offering as much legal help as current international copyright legal system allows.

We believe that the legal way is the most efficient and protective for photography itself.. In our opinion post-licensing as an alternative to “the legal way” not only harms photography as a profession, but also as art. If image thieves only have to pay the license fee, as if they would have done if they purchased the photograph in the first place, they will not hesitate to steal again.

We realized that the knowledge about copyright isn’t widely spread even in many highly-developed countries. PhotoClaim aims to educate those who stole a photo once to buy it legally next time. And to convince those who steal photos on purpose that it is a crime and it will not be tolerated.

Everyone should be able to earn money with their own work and have a free, creative mind to create something valuable. As our company was created by a photographer and for photographers, we know how much time, effort, determination, and money some photo shots cost.

To enjoy high-quality photography in the future, photographers must have means to finance their own business.

Instead of worrying about tomorrow, be free to go once more to this shooting location, fly half of the globe to capture a unique scene, and be able to pay for mastering their skills. A great photo is worth a lot to many businesses – good visual content attracts a possible client at a first glance. Although we observe a tendency among companies to pay for writing a text for a website, we do not notice the same thing happening with photographs.

We’re fighting against this trend.

PhotoClaim is more than a business, it is the COMMUNITY of photographers who believe in the value of their photos and know they must be protected. It is for them that our team strives every day to transform the idea of photography protection into reality.

Stop Image Theft - Get Paid
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