Living in the 21st century, we take certain things for granted. In the era in which the majority of Internet users can be called ’digital natives’, you may think that the idea of copyright should be crystal clear and respected. Yet, here is another case which will prove you wrong.

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Copyright is not a new invention. Photographers, painters, writers and various content creators have been fighting for their rights for since decades. At PhotoClaim, day by day, we stick to our mission to increase copyright awareness. And just when we started seeing the effects of our efforts, we read about another Internet user, shocked that he got sued by the copyright owner for stealing their content.

’I found it on google, so I can use it for free.’ Oh yes, at first, we also thought it is just another funny joke about copyright. Well, we stopped laughing as soon as we realized that some people are dead serious about it. This time, all lights are on Dan Dasilva, a Youtuber and so-called Internet ’entrepreneur’ who stole an image, not thinking for a second about obtaining the rights to it. Once the photographer discovered his photos stolen online, he decided to claim his rights and sued the infringer. Dan was not expecting that at all! Instead of learning from his mistake and treating this incident as a lesson, he decided to stick to his truth and portray himself as a victim of a ’malicious‘ photographer.

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After the court negotiations, Dasilva settled with the photographer for $27,000. He also paid an additional $10,000 legal fees. That’s quite a sum for a mistake that he may commit again.

To put it into context, the reason I was sued was because I used a picture that I found on Google Images. Now, I should have known better, yes, in my position I should know better. But, again, I never really thought that there are malicious people out there that […] maliciously put pictures on the Internet.

[People] that copyright pictures that they take and what they do is they’ll get like copyright on it, and they’ll put it out on the Internet, and it’s freely available on the Internet […] and they literally, some people specifically do this as a job.

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The conclusion that can be drawn from this thinking is that photographers take pictures to put them online and wait to sue the infringers – laughter through tears.

Unfortunately, the struggle is still real. But Dan Dasilva’s example only shows how crucial it is to keep on educating Internet users and searching for stolen photos online. Image theft is still a pressing issue. Another thing which surely is not understood by many is that the copyright is acquired automatically – as soon as the work is created. You might be the next to have your photos stolen but then you can regain the money from your right with a little help of…PhotoClaim. Wait no more and sign up with us.

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