Today we are taking you on a beautiful journey to Ireland! Meet another member of our community of happy photographers. Stefan Schnebelt – a landscape photographer who also decided to put an end to his photos being stolen online.

Ireland landscape

©Stefan Schnebelt


Stefan’s interest in photography was sparked by an old camera belonging to his grandfather. The initial curiosity has been growing over the years. Having completed the photo design studies at the Lazi academy in Esslingen, he worked as a professional photographer’s assistant where he gained some practical experience. While getting to know more technical details, he was also immersed in the artistic process of creating a composition and getting to know the details of perfect lightning.

Irish landscape1

©Stefan Schnebelt


Soon photography has become Stefan’s real fascination and his way of living. He fell in love with Irish landscape right after his first visit in 1992. ’In my four weeks of travelling around the country, I was overwhelmed by the scenery and the natural beauty of the island. I instantly wanted to grab a camera and capture these impressions‘, he recalls. It was also the moment when his interest in landscape and panorama photography was awakened. Finally, he felt that he found a way to combine all these things he has been enjoying in life the most: creativity, staying close to nature and travelling.

Over the past 25 years, he has been regularly coming back to Ireland to take more pictures of this stunning landscape and improve his photography skills. Switching from analogue to digital required some adjustments. Stefan wanted to stick to some of the methods he already worked through but at the same time, he started figuring out the best possible way for processing digital photos to get perfect pictures. It turned out that it was not only about the technical aspects. Proper timing of the shots became crucial. This discovery had a direct impact on Stefan’s daily routine. Now, he enjoys shooting at the dawn more, so he would usually work in the evening to capture the subtle changes of when the day turns into night.

His interest in new aspects of photography is constantly developing until today. Every day may bring discovery. He is sharing his pictures on social media channels: Facebook fan page and Instagram account. Stefan’s images also get published in magazines and journals.

His first book Wild Atlantic Way was published in 2015. The second one Irlands Ostküste (Ireland’s east coast) came out two years later. Together, the books are a complete visual tour around Ireland along the Irish coast.

Ireland landscape2

©Stefan Schnebelt


It all started with ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ – an illustrated book that Stefan published with a corresponding website. It didn’t take him long to realize that many images of this project where stolen and used by others without his permission. Such a discovery first made him upset, then willing to take his fate into his own hands. He started gently by simply contacting the infringers and trying to discuss the matters. But convincing people to delete stolen pictures from their website turned out not to have been a piece of cake. Soon he found these unfruitful talks annoying. He decided to seek help and look for professional services for photographers. PhotoClaim was high on the list of his findings, but he also signed up with Pixy and Image Rights to extensively test them. Asked why he finally chose PhotoClaim, he answers: ‘where others provided automated workflows, PhotoClaim offered personal touch and the opportunity to deal with real people. They were also the most successful with my copyright infringement cases and delivered the results I was hoping for while other didn’t.’


It has already been 3 years since Stefan filled our short registration form and started working with us. You may think that over 3 years we have already found all his stolen photos online. Well, we found plenty but here is a thing about image theft: it does not stop! That is why it is so important to keep raising awareness about copyright law regulations and the consequences of image theft. This pressing issue should not be ignored. Most of our current clients had no clue that their photos were getting stolen. You might be in a similar position. Would you like us to scan your portfolio for free? Register here or send us an email at

Irish landscape 3

©Stefan Schenbelt

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