Are you up to date with the copyright law? Today we share important information for all the Internet users, content creators and photographers.

copyright permission

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According to the European Court of Justice jurisdiction, Internet users are required to ask for a photographer’s permission before publishing their images, even if the pictures were already available for usage somewhere else online. A new authorisation is required every single time when a photo is intended to be posted online.

The regulation has been enacted after the court had to give a verdict on a case in Germany. Here is a summary. A school student downloaded a picture accessible on a travel website and used it for a school project. The picture was later published on the school’s website. The photographer who owned the right to this image perceived this situation as copyright infringement because he did not agree for a publication anywhere else than on the travel agency’s page. He claimed 400 EUR damages. The photographer won the case. European Court of Justice confirmed that the school should have applied for his permission before publishing the photo online.

’The Court goes on to hold that, subject to the exceptions and limitations laid down exhaustively in that directive, any use of a work by a third party without such prior consent must be regarded as an infringing the copyright of that work‘, the court said.

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If you are a content creator make sure you always obtain the photographer’s consent for the usage of a picture. Otherwise, it might be classified as an image theft. If you are reading this as a photographer, please treat it as a reminder to keep track of your pictures. Don’t have time for it? We get it – and will do it for you! All you have to do is sign up here for free:

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