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Why do you take pictures?

How often do you ask yourself what does photography really mean to you and why do you press the shutter button? With this article, we want to raise a little discussion but also remind you that no matter what photography means to you, you have the right to protect your copyrights. How copyright protects your work?

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Some would treat photography as their basic need, just like they must eat and sleep, they also need to take pictures. It runs through their veins. Some would use a camera instead of their glasses – it sharpens the objects and works as a perfect tool for a deeper observation. Others would grab it only when they go on holidays but then they will bring back home thousands of breath-taking views captured. And this is just the beginning. How copyright protects your work?


Photographs are surely part of our legacy. We take them to remember and preserve certain memories that fade away with years. A camera might be treated like a diary. Everything that was captured remains a secret until you decide to develop a film or get the pictures off a memory card and share them with others. Then they start to speak and educate, make people open their eyes wider. With the latest outbreak of mobile photography, pictures might be treated as a separate language of our era.

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Photos can tell different stories. They have this unique ability to transport you to different places on earth, make you travel in time and draw attention to people and events which may seem far away from the place where you live in. Thanks to the photographs it is possible to see the world in the broader context of history. Images do not warp, they might slightly change their colours but what was captured, although it may no longer exist, on a photograph shall remain unchanged. You may argue that photographs show only a fraction of a bigger picture. This is hard to disagree with, but whether photography can be 100% objective is a subject for another article.


Taking pictures can be also treated as a way of expressing yourself. The definition of art would surely be different for every single person who is scanning through this article right now, yet each of you just by taking pictures might create something with an artistic value. If we travel a little bit back in time and look at the beginnings of the landscape photography, we will realize that the new medium – camera – appeared at the same time when impressionists were starting to paint in the open air. Back then, some people thought that photography might have really challenged painting since it could capture the details of nature which an American photographer and journalist William Stillman called the facts on which art is based. Both photography and painting remained as separate media till today. Even though they use no words, they might be treated as poems about time.

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How copyright protects your work?

What does photography mean to you? Why do you take pictures? The question asked at the very beginning is surely a loaded one. The motivation behind taking pictures may differ but there is one thing which all the photographers should care about and it is their copyrights. How copyright protects your work?

What makes photography so powerful is that there is no language barrier. It is not only easily understandable but also easily accessible. Unfortunately, some would overuse this access and cross the boundaries. Copyright infringement is turning into a common practice and this is not something we just read in a news feed, but an issue we deal with daily. No wonder photographers’ trust in their work becomes fragile and they lose their enthusiasm and faith in what they do. Fortunately, there is a way to keep track of the pictures which constantly travel around the world as mysterious combinations of bits, so let us tell you a couple of words about that. How copyright protects your work?

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