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Curious how PhotoClaim works?

how PhotoClaim works
upload your photoswe scan photographs for copyright infringement
legal helpget your money back

Fill out the form. It takes just a minute! Next, check your mailbox and click on the confirmation link.

Once redirected to our website, choose 20-30 of your most popular photos for us to monitor.

Choose photos which were popular on social media, e.g. Flickr or 500px.

Send us the sample photos which you suspect or you know that have been stolen.

Often such agencies as Fotolia, Shutterstock, don’t inform you who bought your photo and the truth is, you don’t want a lawyer to send a letter to your client!

Photoclaim chases only those thieves who knew they cannot use photo commercially, but did it anyways.


Having troubles while uploading the portfolio?  Contact us: Facebook 

As soon as we get your photos, we start monitoring them for online commercial usages.

We send you manually selected (pre-filtered) results.

In the next step, one of our partner attorneys is assigned to the case.

The image thief will be ordered to cease and desist.

At this stage, there are no court proceedings involved.

Order to Cease and Desist makes the image thief obliged to remove your photograph and pay you the licensing fee and the legal costs.

The due licensing fee is usually calculated using the industry average. That’s fair and offers transparency for the opposing side. If your normal licensing fees are much higher than the average, we can demand your usual fees. The law also protects you in these cases.


Examples of fees according to MFM Tables 2018:

6 months on a homepage – 193 €
1 month on Social Media – 179 €
1 year on Social Media  – 553 €
1 month in an online magazine – 40 €

All fees are doubled if the photographer is not mentioned as the author.


We do our best to solve the dispute quickly. The assigned attorney often comes to an agreement with the infringing company. It’s a win-win for both sides – cases brought to the court imply much higher costs. If we settle the dispute out of court, you will receive 65% of the damages. You pay us only when we’re successful and the opposing side also covers the legal costs.

If a lawsuit makes sense, the case, together with the secured evidence, is passed to our partner attorney in a given country. Remember that it is up to you to decide whether you want to bring the case to court.  Having conducted many proceedings in Europe, we advise you the safest and fastest option. Our settlement ratio in court is 87%! We work in your best interest. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with the costs of court proceedings in advance, as these are hard to estimate and each case is treated differently.

Once the out-of-court settlement or the legal proceedings are finished, you get your money back!

You receive money via Paypal or bank transfer.

We charge you just 35% only when a case is won. Otherwise, you don’t owe us anything.

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For more information go to FAQ !

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