Do you think you have it all under control? Are you sure you receive all the money that you deserve from your copyrighted images? What else can be done to fight your copyrights? Find out!


PhotoClaim: How often do you check if your photos are not getting stolen?

Photographer: Hey, why would you even ask? I’m a professional photographer. I’ve got my pictures licensed.

PhotoClaim: Would you like to take a closer look at our findings?

Photographer: Wow! I would never think so many of my pictures might be used for commercial purposes without my consent! This has to come to an end!

PhotClaim: That is what we are here for.

The conversation above is more of a regular one than an exception. A lot of photographers, working solemnly to capture the world as they see it, tend not to notice the scale of copyright infringement. When they discover it (usually by accident, e.g. while doing random research), not everyone knows how to deal with it. However, you’ve got the right address. Not sure how we do it? For all the curious and in doubt we have gathered frequently asked questions and answered them all in detail. Here’s how we can help you get the money from your photo credits back.

Once you come across PhotoClaim for the very first time, you might not be sure if we can provide you with the service that you need. Let us explain what kind of photo infringements we find. The majority of our findings are the online ones but we also find cases of stolen photos in TV commercials and smartphone applications. Our team consists of people with sharp eyes and great attention to details. We won’t miss a thing!

Sounds good, right? We can spot some more doubts on the horizon… To all of those who wonder if they can apply while not being professional photographers: yes, you can! We work with both professional and amateur photographers. After all, everyone can be a photographer nowadays. If you have this gut feeling that your pictures might have been stolen, do not hesitate and apply.

’Do not hesitate and apply, you say, but what about the cost of your service?’. You will not pay a dime for monitoring your portfolio. We do it all for free. We do not take any money from you until you get back what you deserve from your copyrights. We always do our best to stick to out-of-court settlements. Then, we take only 35% of the paid damages. You also do not pay for documentation that we prepare for you.

’What if a lawsuit is the only way to proceed with the case? Can I resign from it? It surely increases the cost.’ We never bring matters to the court without your consent. We offer our professional knowledge and experience but you make the final choice. The cost of taking a copyright infringement to court depends mostly on the jurisdiction in which the proceedings take place. These are hard to estimate beforehand and can vary from little amounts to even thousands of euros. We will always inform you about the potential costs, no need to worry about that.

’Okay, I signed up. How long does it take you to find out if my photos were stolen?’ It usually takes us around 2 weeks to do the complex monitoring of your portfolio. Then we send you a detailed report with our findings. You will be assigned your own Case Manager who is going to keep you updated.

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’Let’s get back to money. How much can I get back?’

The amount of money you get back from your copyrights is usually calculated in accordance with MFM tables. Sometimes we stick to the price of photographer’s standard licenses – when it is higher than MFM. The final amount of money depends on the number, type and the way the photos were used.

’How long does it usually take to complete a case?’

If we stick to out of court settlement, the entire procedure usually takes up to 4 months. Since it all depends on a couple of different parties, we cannot provide you with a very precise time framework. But the money you can get back is worth the waiting.

’It all sounds pretty convincing but I have noticed that you are a German company and I am based in the United States, can I still start a collaboration with you?’

Absolutely! And you surely will not be the first one to do so. We operate in all European Countries but also in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Iceland. We are currently also testing some other countries in order to be able to fight copyright infringement all around the world.

’One last thing, I sell licenses via GettyImages. Does it matter anyhow to you?’

You can still register with PhotoClaim but need to follow a couple of requirements. Before we start our work and set up cases for you, we need to know who purchased a license and confirm the minimum fee in case a potential infringer turns out legal.

’Okay, let’s get it started! What is the best way to contact you?’ You can sign up directly here, then our team will get back to you. We communicate with our clients via e-mail. In case of any questions, just send us an e-mail to We are also active on different social media channels but cannot deliver all of the sensitive data there so it is better to stick to e-mails.

We are looking forward to reading from you soon! Join the community of happy professionals and make photography a well-respected profession with us.


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