Today we are sharing an eye-opening personal story of Christiana Key, the photographer and author of the book “Style, Light, Shoot! – Creative Photography with DIY-Equipment” – about how her pictures were getting stolen without her consent and how we managed to regain the money from the copyrights.

Image theft on the Internet

Image theft on the Internet has become a normal thing and I’ve been struggling with that for years now. Many people think that what can be found online, can be used for free. No wonder that more and more often photos are getting stolen. I figured it is high time to answer the question of what can be done about it and what is the fastest way to receive compensation that you deserve? You will find the answer in my story below. 

The first photo stolen from me 

It was about three years ago when one of my photos was stolen for the first time. One of my pictures not only got stolen but it also went internationally viral. Fist I was positively surprised but soon I realised how easy it was to steal my photo! My name was not mentioned under a single usage and nobody asked me if they can use my picture. The picture which got so widespread illegally was a portrait of my sister with a shadow pattern on her face. I posted it as a part of one of my blog articles covering low budget photography tips. Soon after the publication, the article became incredibly popular and it is often shared till today. Also, my photos are still being used online without my permission. I find them, very often by accident, on Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and other websites. I have to admit that at some point I got very frustrated and started to look for ways of fighting it back. But as an individual, I found myself in a fix.

PhotoClaim – the experts in image theft

I checked the possible options. I could have contacted the lawyer. First, spend a lot of money and then hope that the possible damages would also cover the legal fees. But I had a feeling there must be another way for gaining back the money I deserve without such high costs of the service and decided to conduct a little research. It did not take much time until I found PhotoClaim – a company which is an absolute expert when it comes to the subject of image theft on the Internet. Since I have been finding more and more of my photos stolen and started to feel powerless, I decided directly message PhotoClaim and ask if the could help. Soon I received the first money from my copyrights back! I could not believe it could have been so easy with PhotoClaim! I am extremely happy that I came across PhotoClaim and I can recommend them to anyone who likes to start effectively fighting with image theft and regain the money from their copyrights. It has never been easier to act against image thieves!


The ingenious thing about PhotoClaim

At PhotoClaim they will monitor your portfolio and start opening cases against image thieves for free. The company takes care of the paperwork, so you do not need to worry about it. All you have to do is fill out a form and confirm that you are the author of a work, sometimes by a sworn statement. At PhotoClaim they always check the potential of the case and start working on them if the prospect of compensation looks promising. If the lawsuit is needed, you always receive information about its potential cost before they take the next steps. My experience shows that I have been receiving pretty high sums from the copyrights of the stolen pictures and the money I spent on the service was well-invested! The ingenious thing about PhotoClaim is that working with them pays off and you take no risk. All you have to do is check your email from time to time. Isn’t that awesome?

Start acting to protect your rights and get back the money you deserve

Now, I would like to address one pressing issue which I find rather controversial. Many content creators and photographers do not mind making use of their work for free for their …success and self-promotion. In various discussions with colleagues from the photo industry, it shocked me that most people do not care if their photos are being used without reference to sources. Every photo taken means a certain amount of work, time and often money spent on it. Just because a digital photo may seem intangible and there is a lot of valuable content on the Internet for free, it does not mean that a picture that can be found on the Internet is free to use. After all, you cannot go to the supermarket and take fresh fruit and other products freely, just because they lie around. I think it is time to stand for your rights and make photography a well-paid profession!

We have got nothing more to add. Will be more than happy to help you in fighting for your rights. All you have to do is to register here.

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