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Copyright Law & Photography 


This section covers the broad topic of international copyright law for photography. If you are a photographer whose photos were stolen, or you want to secure the rights to your photography for the future, the articles below might give you a hint about what to do next.

2602, 2020

500px Updated Their Terms & Conditions – Be Aware of What You Agree For

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Publicity is important. We do not question that. Global photo-sharing platforms may help you get recognition with your work. Just make sure the price for it is not too high.  ©Canva [...]

2201, 2020

A Successful Strategy Against Copyright Infringement

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When copyright infringement keeps you awake at night, a solid strategy against it is needed. Learn from our experience and fight together with us!  ©Canva Have the proof to prove [...]

1001, 2020

Do You Follow EU Copyright Jurisdiction? Photographer’s Permission for Republication Required

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Are you up to date with the copyright law? Today we share important information for all the Internet users, content creators and photographers. ©Jirapong Manustrong According to the European Court [...]

3112, 2019

When You Discover Your Photos Being Sold on a Stock Photo Market

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Have you ever searched for a picture on a stock photo market? How would you feel if you discovered your image being sold there without your consent? Puzzled? Read the story below and find [...]

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