Dear Photographers, in this short piece (3 minutes read), we would like to share with you something that is crucial for our effective future cooperation.


Latest Findings, oh yes, you surely have received such a file before? Do you remember how much time did it take you last time to answer? We know exactly because as soon as we send them to you we are counting on your prompt reply. If you always reply within a couple of days, great, keep it up, we really appreciate it! In case you do not treat it as a priority, please start doing so. The reason why a fast reaction matters so much is simple. The longer it takes you to sign the documents, the more links to stolen photos become inactive.

Our Case Managers process your results regularly since we aim not to lose a single link with evidence of image theft.  So please do not give infringers even a tiny chance to cover their tracks and delete pictures they used without your consent. No images mean no evidence and hence no additional money in your pocket.

From our experience, we can ensure you that the photographers who answer the emails with Latest Findings fast, receive the biggest compensation form their copyrights. Communication is the key to success here. Legal rules also matter. Unfortunately, due to data protection requirements, if we do not hear from you within a month or two, we are forced to temporarily stop monitoring your portfolio and disable your account in our system. We also need to close all the cases in which we did not receive feedback from you. We always see it is a missed opportunity for fighting for your rights and it is you who can make this a much less common practice with just one signature!

We know that being a photographer does not have much to do with office work. You are probably constantly on the go, shooting, running workshops and searching for inspiration. But…. all we ask for is to make sure you do not miss out on our emails and do not let them pend. The faster you answer, the bigger the chance of getting the money from your copyrights back.


At PhotoClaim, together with you, we strive to create a community of happy photographers. We care for your interests and that is why we want to give you a chance to become a part of this inspiring group for free. We believe that mutual respect is a crucial component for building professional relations. We respect your work and know how precious every single minute spent on shooting might be. All we want in return is a short while spent on reviewing and signing our findings. We are constantly working on improving our service for your convenience. Currently, we are focused on developing a new feature in our Application which would allow you to mark cases as illegal directly from there. We will inform you about the change as soon as it comes to life.

Fight for your right effectively, sign Latest Finding as soon as you receive them, just to be sure that you do not miss a single chance for getting back the money that you deserve!

PhotoClaim Team

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