It is about time to introduce our Happy Photographers to whom image theft does not give sleepless nights anymore. Now, they can focus on doing their thing! Today, we would like you to meet Christina Key – the expert in creative photography.

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Christina Key is a German photographer, the author of the book Style, Light, Shoot! Creative photography with DIY equipment who specializes in creative photography. She not only takes unusual pictures but also shares insights from her work on her blog. As soon as one of her articles got extremely popular, her photos also started getting stolen online. Once she found out, she got truly upset. Her frustration grew once she realized that, as an individual, she is almost helpless in claiming her rights. She did not want to start costly cooperation with a lawyer right away and decided to look for another solution. It did not take that long to come across PhotoClaim in Google Search. Once Christina read that we not only find stolen pictures on the Internet but also chase the thieves and get back the money from the copyrights effectively, she messaged us directly. Soon she got her Case Manager assigned and received her first payment!


©Chrisitna Key


Christina Key, born in Freiburg, currently based in buzzing Berlin. She is a self-taught photographer and proud of it! She was 13 when she realized that capturing the moments might be her thing. In Southern France, she experienced a sunset so beautiful that she couldn’t stop photographing it. At that moment she knew she wanted to follow this path. She started investing in photo equipment and educating herself in the field. Over a couple of years, Christina conducted more than 5000 photo sessions, published her book and became an expert in creative photography. Getting the most out of simple tricks – that’s Christina’s golden rule. She keeps on shooting portraits, food pictures and some photos styled in a particular mood but her biggest passion is portrait photography. For Christina it is not just about the face, it is more about capturing the soul and real emotions. She also enjoys taking self-portraits. She finds the light to be the most important element and loves to experiment with it and take pictures of herself during different times of the day.

Colours and photo editing are her things! Reflections, golden light, exciting shadow patterns and much more – Christina keeps an eye on what is trending. In her book Style, Light, Shoot! Creative photography with DIY equipment, Christina proves that creative photography is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Her goal is to achieve a spectacular effect with simple means. She teaches how to use everyday life objects to make amazing pictures. Styling pictures can get so much easier with her.


©Christina Key


It has already been over a year since Christina joined our tribe and we are happy to have such a creative and optimistic spirit in our community. If you want to read more about Christina’s experience with PhotoClaim from her perspective, you can find it here. Also, if you would like to have your portfolio examined for your photos stolen online, do not hesitate and register with us (like Christina did!) here.

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