Do you sell your pictures on stock markets? If so, make sure you do not send them to us to process. Find out why!

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There are a couple of different ways to make money from your photographs. Putting them on stock markets is the one we would like to focus on today. If you sell your pictures via microstock or macro stock, remember that we can’t accept them.


Micro- and macro- stock are broad terms and it may happen that you are not even aware that the platforms on which you are selling your photos are classified as such. So let us bring up some names: Shutterstock, DepositPhotos, Dreamstime, Pond5, Fotolia, Alamy, BigStock, iStock, Getty Images. Do some of them sound familiar? If so, we suggest to make a list and keep the photos you decided to sell via those agencies in a separate folder. Often, they don’t inform you who bought your photo and, the truth is, you don’t want a lawyer to send a letter to your opponent in such situations!

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Also, we do not accept photos shared online as free commercial use. We only chase infringers who knew they should not have used the photo commercially but did it anyway. Did you share your picture on Unsplash? Are you aware that such pictures do not qualify to be sent to PhotoClaim? Pictures shared on Unsplash can be used for free. Oh, you did not know that? Here’s a little tip worth sticking to – always read the terms and conditions before sharing your pictures on any platform. Make sure you know what you sing up for.


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Before you upload your photos, please double check if you do not send us pictures sold via microstock or macro stock agencies. It should not take much time but might save hours of our work which would not bring any positive results anyway. If we receive the right photos, we can set up effective cooperation immediately.

Choose photos which were popular on social media, e.g. Flickr or 500px. Send us the sample photos which you suspect or you know were stolen. You can find the photo upload page here. Once we receive the photos, we will make sure to take the right steps to identify the thief and get back the money you deserve from your copyrights.

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