PhotoClaim as an Alternative to Copytrack, Pixsy or Lapixa

You have done your research and it shows that there are a couple of different companies which offer the same (at first sight!) service: they chase image thieves and get back the money from your copyrights. We stand here as an alternative to Copytrack, Pixsy or Lapixa. Find out how we differ from our competitors.

alternative to copytack, lapixa, pixsy


If you only just begun your search for a company which would look for your stolen photos online and settle cases against image thieves, you may feel a bit lost. The amount of services is growing and why should you pick PhotoClaim as an alternative to Pixsy, Lapixa or Copytrack? Today, we would like to present to you a couple of things which distinguish our company.

Algorithms can be detrimental we sort findings manually

Once you go into the details of what a particular company offers, you should notice that each of them ensures free monitoring of your portfolio. They will look for your stolen online pictures but what happens in the next step? How do they sort the findings? Usually, these would be sorted by an automated system. This is where our alternative to Copytrack, Lapixa or Pixsy pops up: at PhotoClaim we sort findings manually. Algorithms can be detrimental and faulty. We put close attention to every finding and make sure it’s classified correctly.

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Legal enforcement right away

Going to a lawyer with your stolen photos can be a costly thing! Not everyone can afford and is willing to spend a lot of money on legal services – not even being sure if it pays off. At PhotoClaim, you do not pay us anything until we get back the money from your stolen photos for you. At the same time, you receive legal enforcement right away. As an alternative to Lapixa, Pixsy or Copytrack, we have close cooperation with lawyers. We do not do post-licensing, on which the rest of the services base their work. Being represented by a lawyer brings higher settlements for you. We tested it before post-licensing even existed.

Bigger chances of receiving money

When you choose PhotoClaim as an alternative to Pixsy, Lapixa or Copyrtrack, you increase your chances for receiving more money than you would from post-licensing services. With PhotoClaim, a license being charged is often 500-1000 EUR and 600-700 EUR legal costs also have to be paid by the infringer. That’s significantly more money than what it would’ve been if the opponents would’ve bought a license instead of stealing it. With post-licensing services, thieves often get away with paying just around 200-300 EUR.

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Personal touch

Once you decide to cooperate, you probably expect something more than just brittle messages with information generated by the system in your inbox, don’t you? We truly value real relations with our Clients. It is not about creating lists but a community of happy photographers with whom we want to fight against image theft. Serving an alternative to Copytrack, Lapixa, Pixsy and other post-licensing companies, we assign you your personal Case Manager. From the very first moment when you start working with us, you know there is a real person on the other side. It does not take long to get to know each other a little bit better and work out the most effective way of cooperation.

Do you now feel that you know a bit more about PhotoClaim, the way we work and the values that we stick to? If you want to test it yourself, wait no more and sign up with us for free.

In case you are still hesitant, keep a close eye on our News section. Soon we will publish some opinions of our photographers who were in your shoes some time ago.

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