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If you were to name one of the biggest phenomena of the 21st century, what would it be? Before you answer, look at your phone, check the most frequently used apps and try to draw a conclusion. It should not take long to notice that you cannot ignore the imaging culture which has been rapidly growing, especially during the last couple of years. 

Photo: Koelnmesse GmbH / Andreas Hagedorn

But images are obviously not a very recent invention and they were present in our culture for quite a while already. From the constant technological development and changes in the field of photography, a strong need for a common space for photographers and companies to exchange their ideas and services arose. This is how Photokina was born.

Get ready for a big dose of inspiration

The first Photokina was held in 1950. Since that moment, each year there are more and more people coming to Germany to attend this gathering. Today, the event is considered to be the leading international trade fair for the entire photo, video and imaging sector. No matter if you are interested in business development, a professional photographer or simply a person passionate about photography Photokina is the place to be! 

Photo: Koelnmesse GmbH / Thomas Klerx

Keep your expectations high 

It is not just a regular fair for the imaging industry but something much more complex: photo shoots, workshops, lectures, exhibitions and the stars of the community live. Organizers ensure it is a place of innovations, trends and future technologies, from imagining workflow through mobile to video and cine. If you are looking for new equipment, you can be sure to leave the fair perfectly informed about all the latest inventions and creations. Keep your expectations high and be ready for a big dose of news and groundbreaking ideas.

Photo: Koelnmesse GmbH / Jürgen Dehniger

Find like-minded people

What makes the fair so special is the unique opportunity to meet like-minded people. Developers, professionals, top companies, freelance photographers and individuals who simply cannot imagine their life without photography are going to be there in the same place, at the same time. As soon as you show up, you become a part of a very special community. It does not really matter whether you decide to set up a stand or just walk around and engage in different conversations networking possibilities are endless. 

Photo: Koelnmesse GmbH / Hanne Engwald

Be prepared, get engaged 

Photokina is an international meeting point with a wide range of unplanned gatherings for those interested in improving their photographic skills and broadening their knowledge. Also, if you are thinking about becoming more engaged in the industry, get your business cards and portfolio ready – you will surely need them at the end of this month. The fair starts on Wednesday, 26 September. You will have four days, that is until Saturday, 29th, to meet the exhibitors and all photo freaks, exchange contacts and get inspired. Did you already mark the days in your calendar? Perfect – so did we! 

Photo: Koelnmesse GmbH / Thomas Klerx

Meet us there

You will see us wandering around, ready to engage in conversation and share our professional experience. There is going to be plenty of time to talk, get to know each other and realize that there is a lot we could work on together. As a company created by photographers for photographers, we understand your needs and expectations. Have you ever faced the very unpleasant situation when you discovered that your photos were stolen? There is even a big chance that you are not aware of it. Every single day we discover new cases of image theft. 

Meet us at Photokina and we will take the best care of your pictures. Together we are going to experience new possibilities and pioneering innovations in the world of imaging technologies. See you in Cologne! 

Photo: Koelnmesse GmbH / Thomas Klerx

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