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PhotoClaim gets paid only 35% of the reimbursed license fee.

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Application is free of charge.

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Tu podaj tekst alternatywny

“It is overwhelming for you as a photographer to defend your copyrights abroad, […] PhotoClaim, however, was able to announce positive verdicts already in the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Italy and in the United Kingdom.”
                                        – c’t Digitale Fotografie 01/2016

We track your portfolio and detect commercial copyright infringements caused by companies all over the world. With an international network of attorneys, we are able to get you the money you deserve.

What we’re offering:

  • Personal assistance:

    After you sign up we help you import your portfolio sample* to our system.

  • Monitoring:
    We monitor your photos online and manually select potential illegal usages based on our experience – 90% less work for you!

  • Network of attorneys:
    Once you confirm illegal uses of your photo, we offer you our international network of attorneys who will negotiate reimbursement for you.

  • Payment:
    PhotoClaim works on a No Win, No Fee basis – we get paid 35% of the reimbursed license fee, so you can rest assured that we work in your best interest.

We give our best to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your work.

We regained more than 2,000,000€ for stolen photos.

Join our fight!

*If you’re satisfied with our work on your portfolio sample, you are welcome to send more photographs for us to take care of

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