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Dear Photographers,

As you may have noticed in the most recent Latest Findings document, there has been an update regarding the documentation of the copyright infringements. Pixdetect UG has been renamed to RightsPilot UG. For this reason, we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that our cooperation partner in securing the evidence will be active in the future under the name “RightsPilot”.

Of course, you still have the possibility, by checking the checkbox in the Latest Findings, to not have the evidence secured for you. However, we advise you to use their service, since RightsPilot secures the copyright infringements according to German Court Standards – so it is ensured that you are well protected in court if you should decide one day to proceed with a lawsuit.

And most importantly, your opponents have to cover the costs for this, not you!

The experienced team at RightsPilot remains the same and the name change is only for the reason that our partner will also offer other Legal Tech products in addition to the documentation service. For you as a client, everything remains the same.

You can also find more information on the new RightsPilot UG homepage at https://www.rightspilot.de.

In addition, we are currently working together on a number of exciting projects and strategies to help you to obtain justice while minimizing your personal risk – for example through new European court proceedings.

We keep you updated as for any developments!

Learn how to make the most out of copyright law with us.

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Pixdetect is now RightsPilot
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Pixdetect is now RightsPilot
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