Good news regarding image copyright laws and photo protection for all the American creators! The Copyright Alternative in Small Claims Enforcement Act legislation was passed by the Senate Judiciary. It got the majority vote and is soon to receive a full Senate vote.

Small Claims Enforcement

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The act brings a great, cheaper alternative to bringing cases directly to the court. Once the CASE Act comes into force, the content creators and the artists will be able to open copyright infringement cases in small claims court. Precisely: in the Copyright Claims Board within the Copyright Office. The statutory damages for such cases could go up to $15 000 per copyright infringement. The total damages for per cases are set for a maximum of $30,000.


The members and supporters of the Graphic Artists Guild and Copyright Alliance were trying to push the bill for many years already. The importance of the Act has been commented by the Copyright Alliance. It pointed the costs of federal court procedures and a strong need for an alternative.

… the federal court is often far too expensive and complex to navigate for most individual creators and small businesses that own copyrights. What this means is that America’s creators have rights under the law but no practical way to enforce those rights when someone steals from them. The CASE Act will help change that by providing creators with a voluntary, inexpensive, and streamlined alternative to the federal court that they can use to protect their creativity and their livelihoods, and in doing so fulfil the purposes of the Constitution.

Small Claims Enforcement


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