Why Watermark Is Not a Perfect Protection for Your Pictures

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So, you watermarked your pictures? Alright, what’s the next step that you plan on taking to protect your photos from being stolen? Oh, you have not even thought about photos protection? In the ear of growing image theft securing copyrighted images is a must. Let us explain why watermark is not enough to make sure [...]

Copyright infringement on photos -‘I found it on Google’

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So here is a scenario: your photo was stolen and you want to do something about it. Let's assume that you send a message to photo infringers with a request to remove it from their website – most probably they won't even respond. But if they do – brace yourselves. [...]

Photography Copyright in Europe

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Photography copyright in Europe: Each country of the European Union has its own legislation system, and consequently its own copyright law. However, these systems are highly unified and the basic copyright laws are very similar in each member state. Therefore, in this article, we will describe these similarities and name [...]

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