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Meet our brave photographers fighting for their rights!

Francesco Gola - member of our community

A few years ago, I discovered one of my images used without consent and also commercially. This specific infringement pissed me off. This infringement made me realize that there are likely many more cases like this. Luckily I was recommended to send this case to PhotoClaim, so I did. The result was me getting my first payment from PhotoClaim.

Throughout the years I have been a client at PhotoClaim, I have gotten so many good pieces of legal advice. The customer service has been top-notch, and they are always listening to feedback.

Glad to be a part of the fight against image theft.

Tor-Ivar Næss, torivarnaess.com

Francesco Gola - member of our community

Joining PhotoClaim 4 years ago was definitely the best decision I’ve ever made in my photographic journey! I now get a consistent and very substantial revenue every month.

The PhotoClaim team is very professional and efficient, thanks to their image finding technology and their team of excellent lawyers. I highly recommend it to all professional and hobbyist photographers

Francesco Gola - member of our community

PhotoClaim is an absolutely positive experience. In the jungle of online services, I found in real people whom I can trust. I feel that PhotoClaim is not just a service, but a professional partner…it’s like having your personal photography watchdog.

PhotoClaim found dozen and dozen unauthorized uses of my images in at least 7 different countries. Thanks to PhotoClaim and their professional and competent lawyers, I recovered thousands of Euros. It’s funny because this money is funding new trips and photographic adventures!

PhotoClaim’s service is outstanding: monthly reports on the status of cases plus excellent contact with experts that can provide me with very specific information if needed. I could not ask for more!

Francesco Gola, francescogola.net

Conor MacNeill - our photographer

PhotoClaim have been a fantastic help to me! I didn’t even know so many people had been stealing my images, and even if I did, I wouldn’t have known where to start in fighting for my rights.

My own personal case manager Magdalena has been so helpful and walked me through every step of the process and I genuinely look forward to receiving her emails!

Conor MacNeill, thefella.com

Albert Dros - one of happy photographers

With the popularity of photographs often come people and companies ‘stealing’ your images by using them without consulting you. It happened (and still happens) a lot to me. It takes a great amount of time and effort to deal with all of these cases and I am very happy to have PhotoClaim do this for me.

They not only solve all the cases for me, but they also send me reports with all unauthorised use of my images that they found themselves. They make me feel ‘safe’ when posting images online even without a watermark. They are always very responsive and already solved numerous cases for me.

I am very satisfied with their service and would recommend them to everyone who is serious about the rights of their photos.

Albert Dros, albertdros.com

Manuel Becker

I really dislike lawsuits, because I think most issues can be solved with proper discussion, out of court. To my surprise I managed to find of a company with values and priorities set very much in line with my own – it was PhotoClaim.

Once I received the first email with findings, I couldn’t believe how many websites they found on which my photos were used for advertising and print. After seeing all these professional companies earning money on something I had to put in a lot of effort and time, I knew I had to start fighting for my rights and PhotoClaim became my reliable partner and defender. I also realized that unfortunately, not everyone understands that photos should not be stolen and sometimes a lawsuit is necessary. Thank you PhotoClaim for opening up my eyes!

Manuel Becker, manuelbecker.net

Marius Klemm - his pictures are also getting stolen

About a year ago, I noticed that many of my images published online were used commercially by companies without my knowledge and permission. PhotoClaim enables me to take action against those infringements and thus secures my base of existence as a freelance photographer.

The collaboration is smooth, reliable, uncomplicated and fast. Photographers, who want to tackle the problem of image theft on the internet, are certainly in the right place at PhotoClaim.

Marius Klemm, marius-klemm.de

Beno Saradzic - we get back the money from his copyrights

I’ve had my work stolen or used without my permission for as long as I’ve used internet to showcase my work. In many cases, I was able to track the offending entities on my own but getting paid for the damages and winning my rights as an author was always extremely difficult, time consuming and in most cases, it yielded no results. I’m much better at taking pictures than being a copyrights lawyer.

Thankfully, I was introduced to PhotoClaim and what a revelation it has been to learn of the services! I was initially doubtful about their abilities, but that quickly changed when I saw them settle my first copyright claim. PhotoClaim are the real deal and their legal team is sharp! My personal case manager Lukasz was extremely helpful, guiding me through the whole process which is deceivingly simple, yet very effective. It’s only been a few months since I’ve started collaborating with PhotoClaim but I’ve learned to rely on them as my legal partners.

Beno Saradzic, benosaradzic.com

Adrian Sommeling - we keen an eye on his copyrighted pictures

An excellent service with professional caser managers. As a Dutch man I like to do business with German companies, our neighbours. I love the German ‘grundlichkeit’ and that is something that you want for this kind of business! You’ll get it at PhotoClaim.

This company also saves me a lot of time. Not only they find my stolen photos on the Internet, but they also handle all the legal issues. And that is something I could never do myself without losing much time which I don’t have. I would rather spend it shooting.

Adrian Sommeling, adraniansommeling.com

Stefan Schnebelt - we look for his stolen pictures

Having worked with PhotoClaim for some years now their service became an important part of my business and made my creative life so much easier. It still surprises me how often my images get stolen and used without permission or proper licensing.

PhotoClaim keeps track of my portfolio, regularly reports about findings and takes actions against copyright infringements. Thanks to PhotoClaim I earned royalties from my work, which I probably could never have claimed without their help and great expertise.

Stefan Schnebelt, stefanschnebelt.com

Wacław Wantuch - we look for his stolen pictures

 ‘I found it online, so the author of the picture is…the Internet’ – an individual interpretation of this sentence became an inspiration for an exhibition in Mexico. One of the visitors who came to see the exhibit sent me an email with information that there are my pictures in the gallery, but the credits belong to… a Mexican artist.

I was not really surprised by this news since I saw so many music albums, book covers, and wallpapers illustrated with stolen photos. I was about to give up and treat this phenomenon as ‘an Internet thing’ but thankfully I found PhotoClaim. At PhotoClaim they take care of monitoring my stolen photos online for me. It’s already been a couple of stress-free years when I do not need to worry about claiming my rights on my own.

Wacław Wantuch, waclawwantuch.com

Felix Inden - we look for his stolen pictures

I discovered my images being used commercially without my consent, but I did not know how to handle the infringements. Lacking the knowledge and means, I was unable to take actions. Luckily, I met great people at PhotoClaim who ended my struggle. Thanks to PhotoClaim I can submerge into creativity knowing that I will get back the money from my commercially stolen images.

The process couldn´t be easier and my case manager Aija is always there to help me when in doubt. I also tried alternatives but realized quite quickly that PhotoClaim is the best service out there! Their algorithms combined with a great team of real (and very friendly) humans is simply the best combination. Thanks guys!

Felix Inden, www.felixinden.com

Roman Robroek - we look for his stolen pictures

From the very first moment I started working with PhotoClaim, it felt like a warm bath. PhotoClaim has a very professional and, most importantly, personal approach, that I appreciate a lot. These are actual people working with you and fighting against image theft. 

PhotoClaim presents me, on a regular basis, multiple possible cases of where my work is published. Most of these cases contain photos of mine that have been published online illegally. I wouldn’t have been able to track down these infringements without the partnership with PhotoClaim. Luckily enough, PhotoClaim has the right experience and set up collaborations with lawyer to solve these cases and provide me with a reasonable compensation.

I couldn’t be happier with the way my cooperation with PhotoClaim develops, and I look forward to keeping fighting with image theft together with PhotoClaim.

Roman Robroek, romanrobroek.nl

Roman Robroek - we look for his stolen pictures

Illegal usage of my photos has been an ongoing problem since becoming a professional 15 years ago. Unfortunately, the exorbitant legal fees incurred by typical law firms made it completely unjustifiable to pursue legal action against offending businesses, leaving our hands completely tied. Finally, one day Photo Claim was born. Their no-win, no-fee service has revolutionised the copyright infringement industry and firmly placed the power back where it should be – in the hands of the photographers.

Photo Claim have represented the Mark Gray Gallery for just over 2 years, taking care of all our copyright infringement cases world-wide. To date, they have discovered over 300 illegal uses of my photos by businesses in many countries around the world. On my instruction, they have pursued legal action against all offending businesses and achieved outstanding results.

We now consider Photo Claim a trusted partner and have no hesitation in recommending their outstanding services to other photographers world-wide.

Dusica Paripovic - we look for his stolen pictures

I used to get so frustrated when I would discover my images stolen… I would write emails asking for them to be removed from the website and I asked for monetary compensation, but it rarely yielded results. Then I signed up for a similar website to PhotoClaim, and for years I was sending them links with my stolen images, and every single time the response was “we decided not to pursue”.

Then I heard about PhotoClaim. Their website is simple to use, they respond to emails quickly and they have already recovered hundreds of euros for me.

I used to waste time resizing and putting a watermark before posting my images online. Not anymore! I no longer worry about having my images stolen. I just wish I had discovered PhotoClaim earlier!

Dusica Paripovic, dusicaparipovic.com

Ken Kaminesky - we look for his stolen pictures

I used to make my living exclusively as a stock photographer and copyright protection has been and continues to be something very important to me. In fact, my most viewed page on my blog is titled Photography and Copyright Law.

When PhotoClaim approached me a few years ago to see if I was interested in working with them, I jumped at the chance but I did not have any expectations that it would be profitable for me in any way. I’m happy to report that I was wrong. PhotoClaim has been able to recover thousands of dollars from settlements for illegal use of my images and I could not have done it without them. One of my images, in particular, has been stolen hundreds of times and I had no idea. PhotoClaim has been exceptional in terms of communication, transparency, honesty, and they are constantly striving to improve their system for the photographers that they work with. 

 If you’re looking to have your photography copyright protected and are seeking the best way to legally pursue those people and companies that steal your images, I highly recommend PhotoClaim to all photographers. Thanks for having my back, PhotoClaim!

Ken Kaminesky, kenkaminesky.com

Loic Lagarde - we look for his stolen pictures

I’ve been cooperating with PhotoClaim for about one year. Since then, I feel way more protected as a photographer. I could not imagine it would lead to a real profitable and secure partnership.

PhotoClaim helps me a lot with fighting against opponents who use my photos illegally in many countries. However, some countries are still difficult to access due their lack of legal respect regarding copyright infringement.

PhotoClaim is a very smart and efficient service for photographers who need legal support.

I recommend PhotoClaim to all photographers having copyright infringement issues.

Loic Lagarde, loiclagarde.com

Max Rive - we look for his stolen pictures

Over the years as a professional landscape photographer, I noticed it was almost impossible to get compensated for detected copyright infringements. Despite my best intentions to find a solution when reaching out, I got either ignored with the removal of the photo or ignored entirely with the photo still in place. Due to this lack of results and the little time you have as a landscape photographer, I gave up on protecting my copyrights.

This all changed when I got introduced to PhotoClaim. Not only are they able to find many cases of copyright infringements, they also have the legal team and knowledge to get the desired outcome. With the incredible help of my manager Magdalena, we have already solved many cases and are ready to solve many more cases to come.

PhotoClaim makes life easier for us photographers and more difficult for photo thieves.   

Mikkel Beiter - we look for his stolen pictures

I have only experienced positive things working with PhotoClaim and I can highly recommend their service!

It’s hard to find the time to approach people that use your work illegally and this is where the cooperation with PhotoClaim comes in handy. Their team handles everything: they search for illegal usages of your work, keep the communication with the infringer, do the legal work and collect reimbursements. All this would take a lot of my time and money if I were to handle it on my own.

PhotoClaim puts a clear focus on you as an artist and the communication with the team is just fantastic!

Mikkel Beiter, beiter.dk

Joni Niemela - we look for his stolen pictures

PhotoClaim has been of great help to me fighting against image thefts. Their good work has allowed me to concentrate more on the actual photography. It’s very likely that I wouldn’t even be able to take care of the illegal uses of my images without them.

PhotoClaim has been doing a really professional work with me and they have always been prompt and helpful with their customer service. Great to see that photographers are not alone with image thefts!

Joni Niemela, joniniemela.com

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