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Meet our brave photographers fighting for their rights!

photographer 1

With the popularity of photographs often come people and companies ‘stealing’ your images by using them without consulting you. It happened (and still happens) a lot to me. It takes a great amount of time and effort to deal with all of these cases and I am very happy to have PhotoClaim do this for me.

They not only solve all the cases for me, but they also send me reports with all unauthorised use of my images that they found themselves. They make me feel ‘safe’ when posting images online even without a watermark.

They are always very responsive and already solved numerous cases for me. I am very satisfied with their service and would recommend them to everyone who is serious about the rights of their photos.

photographer 2

PhotoClaim has been a fantastic help to me!

I didn’t even know so many people had been stealing my images, and even if I did, I wouldn’t have known where to start in fighting for my rights.

My own personal case manager Magdalena has been so helpful and walked me through every step of the process and I genuinely look forward to receiving her emails!

photographer 3

An excellent service with professional caser managers. As a Dutch man I like to do business with German companies, our neighbours. I love the German ‘grundlichkeit‘ and that is something that you want for this kind of business! You’ll get it at PhotoClaim.

This company also saves me a lot of time. Not only they find my stolen photos on the Internet, but they also handle all the legal issues. And that is something I could never do myself without losing much time which I don’t have. I would rather spend it shooting.

photographer 4

PhotoClaim is an absolutely positive experience. In the jungle of online services, I found in real people whom I can trust. I feel that PhotoClaim is not just a service, but a professional partner…it’s like having your personal photography watchdog.

PhotoClaim found dozen and dozen unauthorized uses of my images in at least 7 different countries. Thanks to PhotoClaim and their professional and competent lawyers, I recovered thousands of Euros. It’s funny because this money is funding new trips and photographic adventures!

PhotoClaim’s service is outstanding: monthly reports on the status of cases plus excellent contact with experts that can provide me with very specific information if needed. I could not ask for more!

photographer 5

About a year ago, I noticed that many of my images published online were used commercially by companies without my knowledge and permission.

PhotoClaim enables me to take action against those infringements and thus secures my base of existence as a freelance photographer. The collaboration is smooth, reliable, uncomplicated and fast.

Photographers, who want to tackle the problem of image theft on the internet, are certainly in the right place at PhotoClaim.

photographer 6

I’ve had my work stolen or used without my permission for as long as I’ve used the internet to showcase my work. In many cases, I was able to track the offending entities on my own but getting paid for the damages and winning my rights as an author was always extremely difficult, time-consuming and in most cases, it yielded no results. I’m much better at taking pictures than being a copyrights lawyer. Thankfully, I was introduced to PhotoClaim!

I was initially doubtful about their abilities, but that quickly changed when I saw them settle my first copyright claim. PhotoClaim is the real deal and their legal team is sharp! My personal case manager Lukasz was extremely helpful, guiding me through the whole process which is deceivingly simple, yet very effective.

It’s only been a few months since I’ve started collaborating with PhotoClaim but I’ve learned to rely on them as my legal partners.

photographer 7

I really dislike lawsuits, because I think most issues can be solved with proper discussion, out of court.

To my surprise I managed to find of a company with values and priorities set very much in line with my own – it was PhotoClaimOnce I received the first email with findings, I couldn’t believe how many websites they found on which my photos were used for advertising and print.

After seeing all these professional companies earning money on something I had to put in a lot of effort and time, I knew I had to start fighting for my rights and PhotoClaim became my reliable partner and defender. Also, I realized that unfortunately, not everyone understands that photos should not be stolen and sometimes a lawsuit is necessary. 

Thank you PhotoClaim for opening up my eyes!

photographer 8

PhotoClaim has been of great help to me fighting against image thefts.

They have been doing really professional work for me and they have always been prompt and helpful with their customer service.

Their good work has allowed me to concentrate more on the actual photography. It’s very likely that I wouldn’t even be able to take care of the illegal uses of my images without them.

Great to see that photographers are not alone with image thefts!

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