There is a certain set of activities which should be conducted after you use someone’s photo without their consent. Do you know how important it is to delete the image from the server? 


Every single day we find hundreds of stolen photos online. Did you happen to use an image without a photographer’s consent? In such a case, you might have received a payment order from us. The first thing you should do after committing copyright infringement is to reimburse the photographer. But do not forget about the second step: to remove the infringed image from the server.

It is usually not the negligence but rather the lack of technical abilities or knowledge which results in not completing all of the necessary procedures. Removing a picture from a blog post, article, offer or any other form of publication is not enough. The crucial thing is to delete the image from the server. If you are not tech-savvy, best consult someone who is to make sure that the image is removed.


The reason why it is so important to delete a picture from the server is simple. As long as it remains there, it is still classified as image theft. This might result in a contractual penalty if you have agreed to it by signing an agreement. Now, make sure you have all your obligations paid and the infringed images removed from the server. Also, remember about the image copyright next time when you want to use a picture. Get in touch with the photographers first to find out about the conditions for using their pictures. In case you need photographs right away, you will find plenty on the stock markets.

We hope you will find this short information helpful and that you will stay away from image theft from now on.

Stop Image Theft - Get Paid