Sharing is caring – this popular saying applies to a lot of different life situations. It also fits pretty well when talking about copyrighted pictures. Just one more thing here – these should be shared with photo credits not to infringe picture copyright. Read more on why they matter so much.


Being a photographer is not an easy profession but, at the same time, it can bring a lot of joy and satisfaction. Observing how visuals evoke pure emotions is one of the greatest rewards for photographers. However, it can only be appreciated if the recognition goes in line with distributing images. The very first thing which should never be omitted is photo credits. When visible, they work as a reminder that permission to use a certain picture is necessary. Attribution helps to clear any potential confusion about the origins of a photograph.


Some may say that watermarks should do the job here. Well, as we have already stated in one of our previous articles, watermarks are definitely not the best copyright protection. First of all, a watermark has no legal value. Secondly, it can be easily removed so it does not really serve as valid protection. Finally, it has nothing to do with professional practice. Usually, it looks quite tacky and ruins the picture’s composition. Not only do watermarks not serve their purpose well but they are also visually unappealing. Read more about the downsides of using watermarks here. Photo credits also cannot be considered perfect protection but, at least, they always represent the name of the author and look more professional.


Taking pictures is not always a solo act and photo credits are not only reserved for the person who took the picture – they also allow to display the names of the contributors. Usually, it is a common practice in fashion, food or product photography to have more people working on a certain project. There might be stylists, models and other professionals who contribute to the final image. When using photo credits, all the names can be included and teamwork appreciated. Photo credits can sometimes also help in networking by allowing you to find new potential collaborators and discover the names which could be hard to find otherwise.



Always look for opportunities! In photo credits, you can also list the names of brands which produce the gear and accessories that you use for shooting. Tagging manufacturers and brands can help you build recognition and get featured or sponsored. It may also attract other photographers who use similar equipment. Networking possibilities are endless.


If someone wants to steal pictures, they will anyway. But if there are photo credits listed underneath the photo, there is a slightly bigger chance that the potential infringer will think twice. In case they decide to break the law and use the image without your consent, we will make sure that the money you deserve from your copyrights gets to your pocket. Every single day we monitor the Internet in search of usage where your name might have been mentioned but you are not even aware of it. If you did not sell the license or sign any agreement which would allow for the usage of your images by third parties, such a practise can only be called image theft. And image theft is something that we constantly fight against!

Not registered with PhotoClaim yet? You might want to go ahead and do it here. It will take you less than 2 minutes. If you are still unconvinced that you actually need our service, you can do a little snooping around on your own. It should not be long until you come across your name right next to pictures you never agreed to publish. If you happen to notice someone else’s work without credit, take a screenshot as well. We are looking forward to hearing from you, ready to welcome another happy photographer in our community!

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