The new reality in which we found ourselves in the last two years has influenced photography too. We found ourselves in a new reality of art perception. Keeping social distance and difficulties with traveling made people spend more time in nature and outside the city. Photography, like many creative fields, is prone to trends. The world is slowly opening up, but it will be a different world and we can be sure that it will be captured through the lenses with new photo trends. 



So far, the main factor driving its development was technological progress. However, the uniqueness of the last years made the events happening across the globe indicate the direction of photography. Let’s look at the photography trends that we believe will be most visible in 2022 that will shape photography this year.


Minimalism less is more

Muted colours and shades, monochrome colour palettes, nature, and empty spaces. It used to be the domain of landscape and architecture photography but that is no longer the case. Minimalism has begun to penetrate other fields like the commercial or lifestyle. The power of minimalist and natural images is something that has grown over the past year and it looks like it will stay with us longer.

Retro style back to the past

History has come full circle and with it the rebirth of analog photography. Have you noticed that too? This one imperfect shot that cannot be repeated builds the excitement of what will be seen after we develop the picture. A lot of grain, low lighting, and blur have appeared as deliberate effects in applications and presets which simulate original photographic film. Have the ’70s, ’80s, or ’90s inspired you as well?

Storytelling one picture and the whole story 

Is it possible to tell the whole story in one photo?  Storytelling can show emotions and energy, as well as awaken the senses. It has penetrated photography for good, including popular photography. More important than technical issues is the emotional impact on the viewers. The additional meaning it has can completely change the photographer’s work. Images can speak and educate. 

Drone world from the air

Drones have paved the way for a whole new area of photography. They allow capturing a completely different perspective and show the landscape, architecture, or an event in its full glory. New technologies have also a huge impact on photography. They make the bird’s eye view no longer an act of magic or imagination. Have you tried it yourself?

Smartphone photography the only camera you always have with you

Pictures taken with smartphones are the trend of the decade. But how does it affect the world of photography? Last year large image sensors in smartphones became a thing. They have not focused anymore on megapixels but on diagonals. More and more often new models with full-frame image sensors 1″ are released to the market, significantly improving the quality of photos. What is more, double and triple lenses, with an increasingly better portrait mode, make it sometimes difficult to distinguish what equipment was used.


This is the magic of photography. Regardless of the times, we are in, it does not only transcend them but also does not lose its importance and meaning. What are your predictions about the top trends of this year?

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