Have you ever searched for a picture on a stock photo market? How would you feel if you discovered your image being sold there without your consent? Puzzled? Read the story below and find out what to do if something similar happens to you. 

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Stock photo markets, we have all been there. Some photographers find them as a useful tool and a place to earn some extra money from their photographs. When signing a contract, it is crucial to read the terms and conditions to be sure you know what you agree for. One thing is certain and unquestionable, your pictures cannot be used if you have no clue about it – that classifies for  image theft but it seems that not everyone is aware of it. We did not need to search long for an example since it happened to the founder of PhotoClaim – Nico Trinkhaus. Here is the stolen photo:

athens stolen photo

©Nico Trinkhaus

The stock market evaluated it as $10 worth with a note: royalties free, commercial and editorial use. The creator credited underneath was surely not Nico Trinkhaus. Who knows how much money have they made on a picture they had no rights to? We already started the process of regaining the money that Nico deserves for this case. We will publish the update on the outcome when it concludes.

Every single day we monitor the Internet for stolen photos online and each day brings new findings. Image theft is still a pressing issue which we keep fighting with. In 2019 we opened 13,359 cases. Considering the trend analysis, 2020 might bring even more. It is time for a break-through. In 2020 we want to focus even more on raising copyright awareness. Our experience tells us that a lot of image theft is caused by the lack of proper knowledge. ’I found this picture on Google, so I can use it for free.’ – we have heard this too many times already. Make sure you stay updated with news from the copyright industry.You do not need to search the vast ocean of the Internet. Just go to our Knowlegde Base and News sections regulary. It is crucial to know your rights as a photographer, be able to recognize image theft and know what to do when you discover your photos stolen online. We will keep you updated!

As a photographer, you may not know how to find stolen pictures on the Internet. And you do not need to! That is our job after all. Take care of your professional career this year. Make sure your name and your pictures are respected and used only when you allow it. No, you do not need to sacrifice the time you spend on shooting. All you have to do is sign up with us! Not a member yet? Click here.

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