You are reading this article which means that you are a literate person. What about copyright literacy? Can you still consider yourself literate in this field?

Copyright Literacy


In the digital era, with its constant creation and spread of content, the ability to read and write is not enough. As you produce and consume words, images, videos and sounds, you should also mind the legal aspect. In order to create, consume and share the content lawfully, you need to be copyright literate.


Copyright literacy means having the right knowledge and expertise in the field of copyright law. Assuming that you visit our website regularly and read all the articles posted in the Knowledge Base and Blog section, you could probably consider yourself as a pro in this field. But in case you missed something or you are here for the first time…

A copyright literate person is someone who understands the basic elements and rules of copyright law. Recognizing copyright or licensing issues and identifying third-party materials should not be a problem. Obtaining permissions and licenses if necessary is a regular practise. Keeping an eye on the copyright law amendments is as natural as checking your social media feed.


Copyright literacy is like tying your shoes or reading the clock. It is often assumed that young, educated people are already digitally literate but research shows different results. Copyright literacy is mostly spread in the countries with institutional copyright policies and training programs such as the US, UK, France and Nordic Countries.

It does not matter whether you are a photographer or not – you should understand your role and position in relation to copyright. Depending on your profession and future plans, you should adjust your knowledge. Both your personal and professional life will benefit from it.

As long as you are active online, you surely come across thousands of images every single day. You may want to share it or use for your own purposes but in order to do so, you need to know the rules which stand behind copyright literacy. Being a copyright literate photographer, you can easily apply the knowledge to your usage of copyright-protected materials.

Proper knowledge has great power in the fight against image theft – it may prevent or at least reduce copyright infringements. The lack of understanding of the copyright rules and the common fear of the unknown may block and harm some innovative actions which require using different materials protected by copyright in different ways.

Copyright Literacy Is a Must



It is important to always have different circumstances in mind when it comes to copyright. Being copyright literate and treating this title seriously goes very much in line with our mission to fight against image theft. It is important to be able to recognize copyright infringement and do something about it! You surely do not need to take any legal steps on your own, that is why we are here for you. As soon as you detect a stolen photo, just get in touch with us and we will take care of it.

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