Let’s face it. We are not the only one on the market. There are a couple of services that offer to protect your copyrighted images. Why to take care of your copyrighted images with PhotoClaim instead of other services? Read the next paragraphs to find out why we do it better and guarantee you more benefits.

why take care of your copyrighted images with PhotoClaim


You found your photos being stolen. Time to seek assistance. You probably already googled who deals with copyright infringement. There are a couple of companies on the market. They all offer similar services. Which one to choose? The secret to effective cooperation lies in the details we all do differently. At the end of this article, you should know why to take care of your copyrighted images with PhotoClaim.


Time is money, we all know that. Living in the 21st century seems to be reminding us about it every single day. We live faster, longing for more moments to spend with our family or dedicate to developing our skills or… taking more photos? At PhotoClaim, we make sure to provide you with this extra amount of time. Once you sign up and provide us with your portfolio, we start to take care of your photo rights.

PhotoClaim vs. other companies

In contrast to other companies that work with images copyright, we make the research for you. You do not need to spend time on photo tracking. We have people and algorithms that you can trust. Every day we monitor the vast ocean of the Internet in search of copyright infringement for 250 photographers and we stay on track. We look forward to new photographers on board. Finding out if your copyright photos are not getting stolen is a challenge we look forward to.

We base cooperation on mutal trust

You can trust our findings. When checking if copyrighted photos are being used lawfully, we make sure the cases we find have a strong potential and high chance for generating an income for you. We do not want you to waste your time on reviewing stolen photos which will not bring you any profit. We care about the quality not the quantity and we bet that you have similar priorities.

time is money



You keep working hard on your portfolio. The shots you publish on your website and share on social media platforms are not random pictures taken with a phone. You surely invested money to get yourself proper equipment and fly across the globe. Now let’s sum up the amount you spent on travels. How many times did you fly across the globe to photograph unique aurora or a breath-taking cityscape? What about the time you dedicated to shooting and invested in growing your skills? These hours are hard to count. So, when your copyrighted images are being used without your consent, you should receive proper compensation for it. At PhotoClaim we make sure you do.

Where is the difference?

So what is the difference between us and other services that state they get back for you what you truly deserve? Why to take care of your copyrighted images with PhotoClaim? When choosing to work with us, you start receiving more money than what other services can offer. Why? The difference lies in a mysterious term called post-licensing. Never heard of it before? Let us explain.

Post-licensing harms photography

There are different options on how to charge for stolen photos. With post-licensing, no legal fees are charged. That means that all the opponents need to pay for having used your copyrighted images is the amount they would be asked to pay for the license. Such a practise does not enforce the value of picture copyright. Why would anybody buy a license once they can skip it? There is always a chance that a photographer will not find out their copyrighted images were used and will not claim their photo rights. If the costs to steal or to buy remain the same, the infringers usually do not hesitate and go ahead with the usage of images despite their protection. The low awareness of image copyright law is not helping.

You can trust our fair calculations

At PhotoClaim, we want you to make the most out of your work and rights. Here is a simple calculation from our regular practise. A license is usually around 500 – 1000 EUR and then 600-700 EUR legal costs have to be paid by the infringer. That is much more than if the opponents would have bought a license instead of stealing it. With post-licensing thieves often get away with paying just around 200-300 EUR.

When it comes to the amounts we base our calculations on MFF Tables. We also give our photographers the possibility to implement their pricing and charge accordingly.

why take care of your copyrighted images with PhotoClaim



In case you are still wondering why to take care of your copyrighted images with PhotoClaim…Quality, not quantity, that is our rule of thumb. Big numbers tend to impress but real numbers are what you want to know. Real numbers give you a clear overview of the actual situation. Since we keep on monitoring image theft statistics and how does picture protection look around the world, we get to see different reports.

Years of experience matter

Years of experience allow us clear judgement. Unfortunately, very often we get to see exaggerated numbers. Our numbers do not lie.  We communicate only real ones. Over the past 6 years, we settled almost 4 000 cases of copyright infringement in 58 countries all around the world. We managed to regain over 6 000 000 euro for our clients. This amount serves as a compensation for their hard work. Unfortunately, for a lot of online users, the rules of legal usage of pictures remain unclear or completely unknown. We gathered the most common myths about copyright and copyright protection here.

we communicate only real numbers



Experience and in-depth understanding. These are rare and hard to find, both in private life and in business. We do know and understand your position because we have been there as well. A photographer created this company for other photographers. It all started with one picture and… a thunderstorm. Nico Trinhaus took a picture of lightning striking the Berlin TV tower. The image quickly went viral, then got printed in one of the biggest German weekly newspaper as a double-page feature. A couple of months later, since the agency was not communicating explicitly to whom they were selling the picture, Nico decided to use Google image search.

Here is what he found out…

He wanted to check who was using his photos – to know which magazines to buy. During the photo tracking, he discovered the discover usages both him and the agency were not aware of. Third parties were stealing Nico’s pictures. After just two days of active reverse image search, he found 140 URLs with his copyright images used by travel agencies, airlines and big hotel chains. Nico realized that he should have done something more about the photoprotection. He had a feeling that there might be more photographers whose image copyrights laws get violated. Get a deeper insight into Nico’s story here.

Company created by a photographer for photographers

Soon Nico faced the harsh reality of claiming his rights on his own. He invested time and energy in sending emails and invoices, none of these paid off. All he received were rude answers. He had to seek assistance. As soon as he started a solid cooperation with a lawyer, he continued the research on the scale of image theft. According to his predictions, it turned out to be an international problem.  There was a great need for : professional help, in-depth knowledge and spread of copyright awareness. That is why Nico created PhotoClaim.

We are a big, happy community

The community of photographers who wanted to put an end to their photos being stolen started growing. Today we work closely with more than 250 photographers. Over the last 6 years, we managed to regain over 6 million euro for them. Apart from claiming copyright laws for images, we also aim to educate. You can find articles and guides with tips concerning image protection, copyright registration, copyright myths in our Knowledge Base section.

Our community is constantly growing, and we can’t wait to welcome you on board of our happy photographers. But before we do so, we want to make sure you know whom you will be working with. After reading the next and last argument, you should have no doubts about why to take care of your copyrighted images with PhotoClaim.

create by a photographer for photographers



We are not a big, corporate-style company. A hierarchical structure is not our thing either. We do believe that everyone has their unique potential that needs space to be discovered. We work within the Holocracy framework which allows and encourages autonomy and agility. One of the things that we appreciate the most is the personal approach. We cultivate it within the team and in relations with our clients.

First, we want you to get to know us a bit better. We are a group of lawyers, entrepreneurs, photographers, copyright specialists and enthusiasts. At work, we combine our skills with interests. We aim to protect photos and your rights, spread copyright knowledge and grow the community of fairly paid creatives. We are passionate about what we do every single day. You can read more about us in our About the Team section.

You get your own Success Agent

Once you start working with us, one of these smiling people will become your Success Agent. Yes, you will get your assistant. No bots that we are all so tired of. Personal approach – we tested it and it works wonders and has no substitute. Your Success Agent will keep track of your cases and make sure you stay updated on the essential for you matters.

We reach out to you only when we really need you

Success Agent will get in touch with you only when we need your consultation. At the same time, you will stay updated and we remain at your disposal. While we keep on monitoring your portfolio and marking whenever someone violates the copyright of your images, so you can focus on taking pictures. For your convenience, we keep the communication via email. All you have to do is to check your inbox from time to time.

why take care of your copyrighted images with PhotoClaim



Having worked in the industry for a couple of years we kept on improving our service. We keep on observing trends and learning new things every single day. We stay flexible but trust our experience and expertise. The 5 golden rules we identified tend to simply work out. Our photographers’ satisfaction is the best reward for us!

A quick sum-up

Let’s sum it up so that you know for sure why to take care of your copyright images with PhotoClaim:

  • At PhotoClaim we do our best to save your time and minimize the work from your side. We are here to get the work done for you. We make sure your rights and protected while your work fairly paid.
  • No post-licensing – it harms photography.
  • Truthful communication: only real numbers. In quality, not quantity, we trust.
  • A company created by a photographer, for photographers.
  • We care about staying in touch and the real human approach. And so do you?

If you just nodded your head, the last thing to do is to sign up with us here. Should you still need more information about how we work, you will find the details here. In case you have some additional questions, feel free to message us at service@photoclaim.com.

The final word belongs to PhotoClaim’s founder, Nico Trinkahus:

“As photographers, we’re familiar with the problems in the industry, with the decreasing revenue shares from agencies and the increasing amount of hobby photographers that give their work away for free.

Everyone is talking about it, but the real problem is hardly understood: Companies stopped buying photos.

There is a big flaw in the system – at least in Europe. If you prove a company had stolen your photo, all you would get is (sometimes double) your usual licensing fee. As an economist, I’m aware that it’s a logical decision for companies to simply steal photos instead of buying them since they get away with it most of the time…

Decisions, decisions…

…I decided to do something about it and started protecting my copyrights. I’ve built an international network of attorneys to protect my photographic career and I’m glad that I can now offer you help as well.

Let’s put an end to image theft!”

team work


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