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In 2018 we settled 756 cases for almost 100 different clients. You might be next to join the community of happy professionals gaining money from their copyrights and benefiting from our knowledge. To make it all crystal clear we created a simple comparison:


Let’s start with something we are truly proud of and what our Clients really value in our service. In contrast to the other services, we monitor your portfolio for free by checking manually where your photographs are being used. No need for you to waste time and go through thousands of results, instead you will receive only links to commercial usages. We sent you a narrow down report with carefully selected findings. While we do the monitoring, you may focus on your work.


Finding a lawyer in every European country, managing negotiations of financial conditions with law firms, and then actively managing cases in courts is not only highly time-consuming but also demands a good knowledge of the law in specific countries, as well as some EU directives. At PhotoClaim you receive legal enforcement right away. Being represented by lawyer brings higher settlements for photographers. We tested it before post-licensing even existed. What is crucial is the Abmahnung we send right away do the opponent and do not give them a chance to get away with it by sending a DCD before receiving an Abmahnung.

Years of experience and constantly increasing number of resolved cases results in the amount of money regained for photographers. Close cooperation with our lawyers brought us to gaining over 2 900 000€ and you can be the next to receive the payment. Couldn’t find such data at other companies’ websites? Maybe there is not so much to be proud of?

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We do our best to avoid court proceedings. It is always up to you, if you want to start an out-of-court procedure or not. We don’t take money without winning. We only get paid, if you get paid! You pay only 35% of the reimbursed license from the won cases, otherwise, there are no more fees.


It takes only a couple of minutes to fill the registration form, there are no costs and no obligations! Once we receive your application, our team will get back to you and explain how we work. You will get some more details about the next steps – that’s all. Besides this, you can easily resign at any time. There are no hidden costs, no fine print either!


Choosing PhotoClaim means receiving more money than from post-licensing services. With post-licensing, no legal fees are charged which means that the opponents pay just the amount they would have to pay for the license. Why would anyone buy licenses then, while you can simply get away with it? And, just in case, it costs you the same when you steal or buy it. Take a quick look at a simple calculation:

With PhotoClaim, a license being charged is often 500-1000€ and other 600-700€ legal costs have to be paid by the infringer. That’s significantly more money than what it would’ve been if the opponents would’ve bought a license instead of stealing it. With post-licensing services, thieves often get away with paying just around 200-300€.

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We believe that effective communication is the key to success. In order to keep an eye on the entire process and stay informed each of our Clients gets their personal Case Manager. Your own CM will keep you updated. In case of any doubts or concerns, you just send a quick email and soon receive a comprehensive answer to your question. We pay attention to details and never stop searching. Every day we keep on learning and spend time on improving our service. Get to know us a little better!


PhotoClaim is a company created by a photographer for photographers. Nico Trinkhaus, the founder of PhotoClaim, was among one of the firsts who identified the need for someone who would stand in between the photographers and layers and fight with copyright infringements.  Being a photographer himself he figured that contacting thieves on his own brings almost no results, and legal assistance was necessary in many cases. Searching for copyright infringement could have become a full-time job. Instead, he decided to fill the niche and set up a company which answers photographers’ needs but is not based on the practice of post-licensing which hurts photography.

Our team constitutes of professionals with different skills. The majority is law graduates but there are also some who keep on digging and writing. We want you to constantly develop your skills and broaden your knowledge. We also want you to stay updated with changes in copyright law, ways to protect your pictures and news from the photography world. Check out our Knowledge Base and Blog section – to find out more.

If there is still something on your mind that you would like to clarify, shoot us an email at

We cannot wait to welcome you on board!

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