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Forget about tons of meetings, paperwork and multiple lawyer fees. We have created a system that allows you to protect your rights and get your money back for copyright infringement in a simpler way.

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( A ) Don't upload photos that are sold over Macrostock or Microstock agencies. Often agencies like Fotolia or Shutterstock won't tell you who bought your photo, and the truth is, you don't want a lawyer sending a letter to your client.

( B ) Don’t upload photos that are shared online for free for commercial use. Photoclaim chases only businesses or individuals that are using photos or artworks that are not in the free domain (creator’s permission is needed to use them).


Upload your photos

( A ) Choose the most popular photos or works. You can select those that are popular on social media, e.g.: Flickr or 500px. If you have less than 20 photos/artwork - no worries, you can upload them and we will take care of monitoring them for infringements.

( B ) Include photos that could be infringed. Send us sample photos that you suspect or you know that have been stolen.

(C) Having trouble while uploading your portfolio? Drop a message using the contact form on our website, or write us at


Get your infringement report and start the procedure

Our experienced Case Researchers will monitor your portfolio 24/7 with the help of AI technology. In a matter of days, you will receive curated reports showing where your photos are being used, including the name of the websites and the exact image URL. With your feedback, we determine which photos are being used illegally.

Next, one of our partner attorneys is assigned to the case. The business or individual who has violated your copyrights are asked to remove photos or artworks from all their products or websites, and are requested to pay compensation for the damages and cover the legal and documentation fees.

If the party who violated your copyrights refuses to pay after your lawyer has discussed the matter with them, the case is forwarded, after your approval, to proceed with in court.

( A ) Lawsuit needed? If a lawsuit makes sense, the case, together with the secured evidence, is passed to our partner attorney in a given country. Remember that it is up to you to decide whether you want to bring the case to court. Having conducted many proceedings in Europe, we advise you the safest and fastest option.


Get money back!

Once the out-of-court settlement or the legal proceedings are finished, you get your money back!

You receive money via PayPal or a bank transfer. We take a 45% success fee out from the damage that we won for you. Rest is yours! You get this money without any stress and time investment on your end.

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We have helped photographers to reclaim money in 68 countries!

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