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What Is Your Investment When Choosing PhotoClaim? Copyright Protection for Photographers and Designers


This article was originally published on April 23, 2019


Let me guess, you have been thinking about signing up with PhotoClaim but are not sure how much it may cost you? Let’s talk about money then!

Have you ever tried to anticipate how many of your photos might have been already stolen and how many will be stolen in the future? Seems like an abstract question. Not to us though. Every single day we monitor the Internet searching for stolen pictures and find thousands of them. We may get the statistics and most importantly: the money that you deserve from your copyrights.

Interested? Read this article and find out what is your investment when choosing PhotoClaim.



The quick answer is not a single cent! We start working for you completely for free. No, this is not a joke. We are doing our best to establish successful cooperation right at the very beginning. First, we would like to make sure that we will be able to provide you with a successful service. All you have to invest are a couple of minutes of your time to register and upload your pictures. Then we can monitor your portfolio and look for commercial uses. Once we finish our research, we get back to you with manually selected results.


Time to go into details of your copyright compensation. As soon as you confirm that the photos we found were used without your consent, we start the procedure of getting the money back for you. How cool is it to not only have your stolen pictures identified but also start receiving money from them? Most of the photographers who work with us say that they had no idea how many of their photos were being stolen and how much money they could regain. We do our best to avoid court proceedings. Once we win the case, you owe us only 35% of the final amount, the rest goes straight into your pocket. If a lawsuit is necessary, we ask you first if you would like to proceed with the next steps. If you want us to bring the case to court but cover the court fees on your own, again you owe us only 35 % of the final sum of reimbursement. If you would like to proceed with a lawsuit and you want us to advance the court fees for you, you will get 50% of the damages back. We work in your best interest and always use the same rates, no matter the country. 


Time is money, we all know this common saying which could not be truer. One of the important benefits of having your own Copyright guardian, aka Case Manager, is that you do not need to spend a single second looking for your potential stolen photos. All you should do is to check your mailbox every once in a while. For the rest of your precious time, you can just take pictures!

ⓒDean Drobot
(C) ⓒDean Drobot


It is not just money and time but also the access to an inspiring community of photographers who already work with us. While becoming a part of PhotoClaim, you may benefit from other artists and share your professional experience. You can also meet up with the community at the industry events, photo fairs all around the world. Once you become our client, you immediately become a part of an important initiative focused on fighting for Photographers’ rights. The more infringers are found the bigger the chance they will not steal the pictures again.


One more thing is the extra dose of knowledge on Copyright law and all the latest news in this field. We keep on digging and sharing the news with you so that you might be sure that you will not miss any important updates.


The amount of money you pay for the service is still small compared to how much you may get. Now, these are big numbers we are talking about. So far, we have managed to regain  3,114,371.00 euro for our photographers and you might be the next to join the community of happy professionals. Take care of your finance today, register with us and get the copyright compensation you deserve!

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